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How to get a double entry visa for India

  • Double Entry Visa is a popular way to visit India
  • Application is conveniently available through online portal
Update : 07 May 2024, 04:47 PM

Planning a visit to India from Bangladesh and seeking a hassle-free entry? Navigating the visa process can be intimidating, especially if you're aiming for a double-entry visa. 

Thousands of Bangladeshis go to India every year for work-related issues, educational pursuits, medical services or simple tourism. 

Everything hinges on securing a visa first, an extremely important initial step. 

Among the various options, the double entry visa seems the way to go when it comes to India.

What is double entry visa?

A double entry visa permits anyone who isn’t an Indian citizen to enter India on two occasions. It’s commonly obtained for transit purposes, if you are traveling through India to reach another destination.

Each entry typically allows a stay of less than 72 hours or three days. Nevertheless, if needed, this duration can be extended up to 90 days or three months.

What documents are needed?

For successful application, the candidate should have the following documents prepared:


The passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the planned travel dates with at least two blank pages. All previous passports (or a certified copy of a lost passport) should be included as well. 


National Identity Card (NID) or Birth Certificate are the required documents for identification. 


Recent color photographs (no older than three months) in 2x2 inch format (or 350x350 pixels) are required. Full head and shoulders should be seen on a white background with no shadows, with scanned copy in JPEG format between 10KB and 300KB.

Proof of Address:

Copy of a recent utility bill (electricity, phone, gas, water) that is dated within the last six months.

Financial Solvency:

One of the following should be submitted: International travel card, Bank statement for the last six months, $150 endorsed on a valid international credit card in applicant’s name on the passport.

Travel Itinerary:

Copies of the candidate’s return flight ticket and hotel booking confirmations.

Additional Documents may be required depending on the situation such as employment certificate, student ID, retirement papers, and onward travel (visa for a third country). 

All of these documents should be scanned electronically beforehand for easy online application.

What is the application procedure?

The website for online application is
Once a personal account is created, this portal will serve as your access point for subsequent updates. 

There are 15 Indian Visa Application Centers (IVACs), managed by the State Bank of India, across Bangladesh. These include Dhaka, Jessore, Khulna, Mymensingh, Barisal, Sylhet, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Comilla, Noakhali, Brahmanbaria, Satkhira, Bogra, and Thakurgaon.

Each applicant will be assigned a unique web file number, crucial for future reference. There are columns which need to be filled with the relevant and accurate personal details. The reference column should contain contact details of India and Bangladesh.

It is important to be careful and double check when filling out the application as there is no edit option and you would need to start all over if there’s an error. 

What are the costs and payment methods? 

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable visa processing fee of Tk800 for double entry visa. Additionally, a convenience fee of Tk24 shall be charged by the local payment service provider.

During login, you’ll have to enter the web file number twice consecutively. Then, select the High Commission for which you’re applying. The center name for the payment is the same as the visa application submission. From there, the type of visa application and personal information of the applicant has to be input. 

Various payment methods, including cards, banking services, and mobile banking, are available. Once the deposit is completed, an online payment slip will be issued. Next step would be to print and save this slip for later.

What to do after submission?

Once the submission is done, you can print the entire online application form. Applicants have to sign at the bottom of the photograph and at the signature section on the last page of the visa application.

The online payment slip specifies the date and time of submission along with the required documents. Typically, the application form must be submitted to the designated IVAC center within eight days of form completion.

Biometric data, including fingerprints, will be collected, and a photograph is taken. An interview will also take place. At the end of the process, a delivery slip is provided to the candidate, which is needed to collect the passport later. 

The original passport with the visa can be collected by the candidate personally or by a nominee on their behalf on the specified day. If collected by a nominee, they must present the delivery slip and a power of attorney from the candidate.

You will have to visit the website to check your visa status or any other updates. Applicants can also contact these numbers: 09612333666 or 09614333666. The final step is to wait and hope for approval. 

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