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Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung may have found its first competitor in the folding smartphone market

Update : 23 Nov 2022, 05:08 PM

Xiaomi's second generation foldable smartphone — Mix Fold 2 — was released at the end of August. 

Samsung also released their fourth generation of foldables, one of which was the Galaxy Z Fold 4 during the same time. 

After testing both of the devices, we thought that it might be a good time to compare both the phones. 

Xiaomi's Mix Fold 2 is available in China only. The price of the 12GB RAM and 256GB version of the phone is RMB 8,999, which is around Tk128,000. 

With VAT and taxes, the price in Bangladesh could go up to Tk140,000 or even more, if Xiaomi ever decides to launch the smartphone in the country. 

Meanwhile, the price of the 12GB RAM and 256GB version of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Tk260,000 in Gadget and Gears, which is almost double the price of Mix Fold 2. 

However, the price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 often fluctuates from Tk246,000 to Tk250,000 in several other shops including Daraz and FairElectronics. 


Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 is a good-looking phone. It is the slimmest folding phone we have got so far. When unfolded, it is only 5.4 mm thin and when folded, it gets to 11.2 mm. 

If you compare it with the folded thickness of Galaxy Z Fold 4, which goes as far as 15.8 mm, you will realize what big of difference it makes when it comes to the size and comfortability while using. 

While weighing a little less than Galaxy Z Fold 4, Mix Fold 2 is bigger in size. The bigger real estate of Mix Fold 2 offers a much wider cover display. 

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While it may not sound like much, it does make a huge difference when using the phone folded. While using Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4, I often had difficulties typing with my long fingers since the display was narrower. But that's not the case when it comes to Mix Fold 2. 

Both Xiaomi and Samsung have different approaches to their folding mechanism. Mix Fold 2 might well be the only foldable phone that can be unfolded using one hand only. 

The much harder and more rigid folding mechanism of Samsung has its own perk. That phone can be kept folded in multiple positions. You can have a 45% folding phone, a 90% folding phone and vice versa. But for Xiaomi, it is either fully folded or unfolded. 


The Mix Fold 2 comes with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which allows you to play all the games with ease and multitasking is a breeze. 

For testing purposes, I installed Genshin Impact. The game started off with medium graphics. But I had options to max out all the settings. So, I did, and it still performed outstandingly well. 

If you are a mobile gamer you should grab a phone that has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. The graphics are that good!

However, Mix Fold 2 has an issue that Samsung didn't have. It heats up. I guess, because of how thin the smartphone is. 

While talking about issues, Xiaomi didn't go with the tablet version of Android. Instead, they came up with some FOLD version of MIUI. 

It didn't make much sense to me. Why would a company spend money on their regular OS when they can easily grab what Android already made for them? 


The Mix Fold 2 rocks a Dolby Vision foldable LTPO2 OLED panel with 1B colour support and a 120Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile, the cover display is also another 120Hz supported AMOLED panel. Both displays support HDR10+ with peak brightness going up to 1300 nits, 100 nits more than Galaxy Z Fold 4. 

That being said, using the phone under direct sunlight will be no problem at all. The colour accuracy of both displays was decent. Of course, since it's a Xiaomi phone, you have multiple colour options to pick from such as Vivid (which is recommended), Saturated, Original colour and advanced settings. There is also something called an AI image engine which can upscale video resolution. 


This is where things turn out to be much more interesting. 

So, Xiaomi made the Mix Fold 2 in collaboration with Leica and the cameras are absolutely stunning. 

The phone comes with a 50 MP wide primary sensor accompanied by an 8 MP telephoto lens and a 13MP ultrawide lens. 

The still images captured with this setup were extraordinary. However, everything went south when capturing videos. 

With the cover display, the phone has a 20 MP wide selfie camera, which performed as we expected. 

What's lacking here is that there is no front-facing camera when you use the phone unfolded. We often criticize Samsung for putting a 4MP under-display camera within the unfolded bigger display. But Xiaomi didn't give anything there, which is even worse. 

You cannot do video conferences while the phone is unfolded and whenever you want to capture an image using the front-facing camera, you will need to fold the device and use the front camera. 

To be honest, I think having a camera on the internal display rather than on the cover display was more necessary. Since you can easily use the main primary camera anyways to take selfies since it is a folding phone. 


Mix Fold 2 comes with a 4500 mAh battery, 100 mAh more than what Z Fold 4 comes with. But that's not the interesting bit. 

The phone supports 67 Watts fast charging and it comes with a power brick within the box, which might come as a relief for many users who want to get their hands on this phone since a power brick with such a capability would cost a fortune. 

If we put it against Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Mix Fold 2 will fully charge from zero to hundred within only 40 minutes while Galaxy Z Fold 4 will charge to 50% in 30 minutes. That's how much difference this charging speed makes. 

That being said, there are definitely some drawbacks. Mix Fold 2 doesn't have wireless charging.


Mix Fold 2 has many drawbacks. But it does have some valid reasons for purchase as well. 

For starters, even after being a folding phone, it has good battery life, one of the reasons being the LTPO2 technology in its display. A 30 minute intensive gameplay of Genshin Impact only reduced the battery by 13%. With Mix Fold 2, Xiaomi took into account the exact things that make a folding phone complicated and got rid of them. 

For one thing, this is a massive upgrade over its predecessor, the first generation of Mix Fold. 

The phone will definitely be a success in China. And when it lands outside China, it will give Samsung a run for its money. 

Samsung may have found its first competitor in the folding smartphone market. Maybe Samsung will need to reconsider the excessive pricing of their folding devices with Xiaomi in the game. 

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