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No more unwanted nudes: Top 10 iOS 17 features

If you receive an unsolicited photo or video, the media itself will remain blurry while the phone alerts you to the content's explicit nature

Update : 14 Jun 2023, 05:53 PM

With iOS 17, Apple has now extended its child safety features to the whole operating system to blur and warn you of explicit images when sent. 

However, it is always not the case that the unsolicited photo or video belongs to the person sending it. In that case, Apple shows a very considerate message saying that the person in the image/video might not want it to be seen. 

That's not all. iOS 17, expected to release in September, will pack a lot more features like getting rid of the word “ducking” from autocorrect, that will make the lives of its users a lot easier. Here are our top ten picks.


If you are into tech and use Facebook often, you may have come across ads for NFC-enabled business cards that can share all the contact info of an individual just by tapping them on your iPhone. 

With iOS 17, Apple has NameDrop, a feature that does more than that but reduces the need to carry an extra NFC-enabled card. 

But before diving into this, we need to learn more about the new Contact Posters. 

Contact Posters are one of iOS 17's most notable user-facing changes. When you call another Apple user on their iPhone or iPad, instead of the traditional incoming call screen, they will see your Contact Posters, customized photos that introduce you. 

Contact Posters will be heavily customizable. You can put as much information as you want in the contact poster and even customize the fonts. 

Back to NameDrop, whenever you bring your iPhone up close to another iPhone or Apple Watch, it will enable you to transfer contact information. With traditional NFC-enabled digital cards, you end up sharing all the information. But with NameDrop, you can only share what you want. If you want someone to only have your email address, you can do that. If you want to share the contact number, you can share that too. 

No more unsolicited nudes

A new iOS 17 feature called Sensitive Content Warning helps adult users in avoiding seeing unwanted nude photos and videos. If you receive an unsolicited photo or video, the media itself will remain blurred while the phone alerts you to the content's explicit nature.

According to Apple, all image and video processing for the Sensitive Content Warning takes place on the device. In case a nude gets leaked without the knowledge of the person, Apple will try to reduce its spread with this Sensitive Content Warning feature, primarily by telling its user that the person in the image may not want it to be seen. 

AirDrop will continue to work over data

The entire idea behind AirDrop was how well it handled file transfers when devices were close to each other, which was convenient for many. 

But what happens if you start an AirDrop and then have to leave?

Earlier, the transfer would not succeed. 

However, with iOS 17, AirDrop will now switch to using the internet in order to prevent transfer interruptions. When you start the transfer, this enables you to move as far as needed. As long as you have an active data package, the AirDrop transfer won't be interrupted. 

It is still not clear how Apple will be doing that. But my bet is that they will be using their own servers, maybe iCloud, as a medium of transfer. 

Notify people when you reach

Apple has a habit of introducing features later than others. Like this feature that notifies people when you reach a certain destination. Google Maps has had this for years now.

However, Apple embedded the feature within its Messages app. 

When you start Check In, the receiver will be alerted when you reach your destination. 

But let's say your travel time to the destination was delayed more than fifteen or twenty minutes. In that case, essential data from your device, including your current location, battery life and cell service quality, will be shared with the receiver.

This feature can be used both for personal safety among other things. 

Audio message transcribe and more

The Messages app on iPhone got loads of new features, including one where it will transcribe any audio messages. Users can either read the transcript or just listen to the audio message. 

During messaging, where you last left the conversation is now indicated by a new catch-up arrow. 

When a conversation becomes noisy and you need to leave for work in the middle of it, this will be helpful. You can just come back later, press that catch-up arrow and it will take you to the place where you left the conversation so that you can catch up. 

The regular location sharing in the Messages app was static previously. Now you have the option to share a live location, and it will automatically update as you change your current location. 

StandBy mode

StandBy is a brand-new feature coming to iOS 17.

When charging inactively, placing your iPhone in landscape orientation will display glanceable information due to StandBy. The time (with a variety of clock options), your favourite pictures, or widgets, such as the Smart Stack widget, can all be included in this.

StandBy enhances your iPhone's usability from a distance by supporting Live Activities, Siri, incoming calls, and prominent notifications.

Additionally, StandBy will remember your preferred view when you charge with a MagSafe accessory.

However, it will only work as intended for iPhones that come with always-on-display features like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. For previous generation iPhones, you will need to tap the display. It will show the StandBy information and the display will switch off again after a few seconds. 

“Hey Siri”

Apple finally decided to get rid of “Hey Siri” for just “Siri”. So, you no longer need to say “Hey Siri” to wake up your virtual assistant. Only calling her by name will do the trick. 

AIs to fix its autocorrect

When all other tech giants, including Google and Microsoft, are trying to integrate AI into their search engines, Apple came up with the clever idea to use AI to fix its autocorrect and dictation. 

iOS 17 users will receive inline predictive text suggestions as they type, allowing them to finish sentences by tapping the spacebar.

Similarly, Dictation will use a new speech recognition model to improve accuracy.

Health app now has mental health

With iOS 17, a focus on mental health is the newest addition to the Health app. 

The Health app on iPhones will now allow users to track their daily moods and brief emotions. 

They will have access to depression and anxiety assessments that are frequently used in clinics, as well as other resources offered in their area, and also be able to determine what may be contributing to their mental state.

Apple want kids to maintain distance from display

Children will now be advised to keep their distance from the screen by a new feature called Screen Distance within Screen Time. 

The function determines if the user is using the phone closer than 12 inches from their face for an extended period of time using the TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone. 

If so, it will motivate them to put the device further away, which will help to lessen eye strain caused by display consumption.

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