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These iPhone compatible accessories won’t break the bank

Apple’s AirPods will cost at least Tk25,000-30,000 depending on the model while their MagSafe battery pack will cost Tk12,000. But what if I tell you that you can get products with similar experiences, if not the same, at a price much much lower?

Update : 23 Mar 2023, 12:09 AM

Smartphone gadgets are expensive, especially if you want to get something with a brand name slapped on it. 

For example, Apple's AirPods will cost at least Tk25,000-30,000 depending on the model while their MagSafe battery pack will cost Tk12,000. 

But what if I tell you that you can get products with similar experiences, if not the same, at a price much much lower?

Besides being very expensive, Apple's products can only be used properly with your iPhone. But the products in this list can be used with other Android smartphones as well. 

Baseus Magsafe Power bank

Baseus clearly surprised me when I received the product on my hand. The size is very compact and the capacity is also more than Apple's Tk12,000 worth MagSafe Battery Pack. 

While the rated capacity for the one I received was 6,000 mAh, the usable capacity was around 3,500 mAh against Apple's 1460 mAh capacity. 

Apple definitely did some engineering on their part which ends up providing much more than that 1,460 mAh capacity. But long story short, that 6000 mAh Baseus powerbank costs only Tk2,200.

Baseus also has a 10,000 mAh one of the same products available at Tk3,400. 

Pros and cons

The main positive side of Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is its fluent compatibility with iPhones. It is hard to believe, but that battery pack even gets firmware updates from your iPhone when needed. 

In terms of size, Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is smaller and more compact, mainly due to its low battery capacity. Due to having more capacity and better battery backup, the Baseus one is a little bigger in comparison.

In terms of heating, like all other MagSafe chargers, both heats up the iPhone while charging. But Baseus heats up the phone more than the Apple MagSafe Battery. The main reason behind this heating though is the speed they charge the devices at. Baseus charges at 15W while Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack charges your iPhone at 7.5W (which was 5W initially). 

Even though Baseus heats up the phone while charging, it will charge your phone faster. On the other hand, Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack will take ages. You may even need to consider attaching it to the back of your phone when you keep it in your pocket.

In the 5,000 mAh Baseus power bank, you have to push a button after attaching it to the back of your iPhone, which they fixed in the bigger and more expensive 10,000 mAh version. 

But while using Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack, you don't have to press anything. It doesn't even have a button to press. Connecting it on the back of your phone will automatically start charging. 

You will also be able to see how much power is remaining in your Apple MagSafe Battery Pack in your iPhone. But Baseus will offer LED lights with the Battery pack to let you know how much charge is remaining. 

Realme Buds Air 2

With a price tag of only Tk4,399, Realme's wireless earbuds will give Apple Airpods a run for their money. 

Before reading the rest of the review, do keep in mind that these are two different types of earbuds. The Realme's one is in-ear with a rubbery substance attached to the tip that can go inside your ear and act as a seal while you listen to music while Apple's AirPods stay in the outer part of your eardrum. 

Listening to music in Realme's Buds, I was surprised because I only got such experiences while using neckbands. The shape of the ear tip makes sure it's noise cancelling and also comes with a very powerful noise cancellation system that makes all the environmental sound disappear. 

Not listening to environmental noise is a good thing when you are enjoying music. But when you are outside, it can be risky. That's why they also placed something called “transparency mode.” It allows you to listen to your surroundings better. It is as good as being able to talk to someone without removing your Realme Buds. 

I will not talk about the specifications much. But only a ten minute charge in Realme Buds will offer you a playback of two hours. 

Pros and cons

Apple Airpods are premium devices and they have a very easy pairing option if you use an iPhone. You just pop the case open and your iPhone will detect and connect your Airpod with your phone. 

The same thing happens with Realme Buds as well. But only in Android phones. In order to pair it with an iPhone, you have to press a button and pair it manually with your iPhone. 

But it is no cheap TWS bud. Once you pair it with your iPhone, you can just open the case and your iPhone will connect to it automatically just like any other wireless headphones. 

We may have mentioned Buds Air 2 here. But there are tons of other models available out there for your convenience. Some have better ANC while others have lower latency. Buds Air 2 stays in the middle. 

Realme also has its app Realme Link available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you connect your Buds with the app, you will be able to access settings that you cannot access with the Buds alone. There are even options to enhance the sound to increase the volume of your Buds further, which I obviously don't recommend. 

Listening to music for a long time at a high volume is always harmful. 

Something that bothers a lot of Apple Airpod users is that due to different ear sizes, the Airpod often slips and falls. Apple fixed it by introducing the even more expensive Airpod Pro series. You won't face any such issues with Realme Buds Air 2 since it also gives two pairs of ear tips and one attached to the Buds.

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