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E-commerce platform Qcoom in deep waters

The platform has asked consumers to register for refunds through a google docs sheet to receive cheques

Update : 22 Sep 2021, 09:16 PM

Following Evaly, eorange, now e-commerce platform Qcoom has also announced the temporary closure of its office citing its inability to provide “physical” support.

However, the company continues to take orders from consumers.

In a notice issued by the platform, Qcoom has asked its consumers to not visit its Niketon office in Gulshan till September 30, since its employees have been asked to work from home.

Earlier, consumers have gathered in front of the platform’s office numerous times, for not getting their bike deliveries in time nor getting refunds.

Dhaka Tribune has obtained several consumer video clips shared on social media regarding the matter.

Furthermore, as per the notice, the principal amount of the money paid for all the bike orders of the “Big billion returns” offer will be refunded. 

According to the notice, no motorbike delivery will be offered in the Big Billion return offer, meanwhile, delivery of goods other than bikes will continue as normal.

The platform has also asked consumers to register for refunds through a google docs sheet to receive cheques but asked to not withdraw until asked so, in order to avoid cheque bounces.

Meanwhile, Qcoom said that a total of Tk400 crore is stuck with payment gateways, of which Tk200 crore is owned by the platform and the rest being consumer’s money, despite delivering orders in July.

A top e-CAB official confirmed the matter to Dhaka Tribune.

Earlier, the central bank has asked audits into several e-commerce platforms including Qcoom, directing banks and payment gateways to not transfer money directly into the accounts of the platform.

Law enforcers are carrying out shadow investigations into the platform alongside several others.

A senior official of a law enforcement agency seeking anonymity told Dhaka Tribune: “We are tracking at least a dozen of e-commerce’s proprietorship and transactions. We are collecting information about money laundering and possible methods that could have been used for money transfer.”

“There is no pressure from outside, legal actions will be taken accordingly based on the investigation. Countless customers have lost their money, and many have filed cases with police,” they added.

Noting about the possibility of immigration and money transfer abroad, the official said, “There is a possibility but these e-commerce businessmen know all the loopholes of the existing system and unknown channels as well. Upon finishing the investigation we will be able to draw a conclusion about what happened to their money.”

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