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Dhaka Tribune

Kamal: Power crisis to end in three years

Update : 20 Feb 2017, 12:47 AM
He said the country’s economic progress is “on track.” “You will see no shortage of power in three years. We are on right track,” said Kamal as DCCI leaders met him on Sunday. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry emphasised the private investment to boost economic growth in the country and urged the government to improve infrastructure and power supply. It said more private investment is necessary to achieve 8% economic growth. Currently, Bangladesh economy is growing at 7%. DCCI board of directors led by President Abul Kasem Khan on Sunday met with Planning Minister of Bangladesh AHM Mustafa Kamal. DCCI leaders urged the minister to help promote private sector investment so seventh Five-Year Plan is successfully achieved. DCCI suggested improving infrastructure, removing energy crisis, increasing institutional efficiency and producing skilled manpower. It said Bangladesh is failing to realise its all potentials of economic growth due to high transport costs mainly arises from poor communication infrastructure. While Vietnam spends 10% of GDP on infrastructure and India, Sri Lanka and Philippines 5%, Bangladesh spends only 2.8%. DCCI urged the government to raise it to 5%. The government has taken initiatives to increase exports and generate jobs establishing a good number of special economic zones. DCCI called for ensuring equal opportunities for private sector and make “right investment” to develop “right infrastructure.”
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