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Nasrul Hamid: Electricity situation to be better soon

  • 'We will increase the production by coordinating fuel from international sources'
  • 'Bangladesh recorded the highest power generation recently'
Update : 06 May 2024, 09:17 PM

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid on Monday said the electricity situation will be better soon compared to the current stage.

“We have experienced a severe heatwave during the last couple of weeks, which was not expected. And for this unavoidable situation created due to high temperature, which forced for little load shedding,” he told the journalists while talking about power crisis at his ministry office at Bangladesh Secretariat.

The state minister said the prime minister has given instructions to overcome from the load shedding in the rural areas, adding, “Necessary measures have been taken accordingly the prime minister’s directive.”

“Financial and energy crisis were solved. No more problems. Electricity situation will be improved day by day. There is no loadshedding anywhere today,” he added.

Nasrul Hamid said, “It was not known what the maximum temperature would be. Therefore, there has been some load shedding across the country. The situation is now under control.”

He, however, said that Bangladesh recorded the highest power generation recently.

 Some 16,477 megawatts of electricity were produced. But our demand is also going up. And a few number of power plants were shutdown, he said.

“We will increase the production by coordinating fuel from international sources."

This year’s temperature is high, the production is high and the demand is also high,” Nasrul Hamid said.

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