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BNP accuses govt of depriving prisoners of treatment

  • Gives example of detained BNP men being mistreated
  • Lack of proper treatment results in death, BNP leader says
Update : 27 Dec 2023, 03:14 PM

BNP Health Affairs Secretary Dr Rafiqul Islam has alleged that the government is depriving prisoners of medical care, a basic human right.

“Healthcare or treatment is a constitutional right. All over the world, medical care is part of a sacred work. However, many innocent prisoners are today deprived of this human right due to the exploitation of this government,” he said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

Giving an example, he said Jalal Ahmed, convenor of Habiganj Jubo Dal, suffered a heart attack while in jail for three months and was taken to Habiganj Sadar Hospital. When his condition worsened, he was sent to Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical Centre for advanced treatment and was kept in a very inhumane manner. 

Earlier, Jessore Jubo Dal leader and teacher Aminur Rahman Madhu and Narsingdi Jubo Dal Convenor Mahmudul Hasan Chowdhury alias Sumon Chowdhury were kept on the floor of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in the name of medical treatment while suffering from heart disease, Rafiqul mentioned.

In cases where complete rest is integral to the treatment of a heart patient, subjecting them to activities like walking on crutches, ascending stairs, or moving on the floor is not only medically inappropriate but also contrasts starkly with principles of humane healthcare, he said.

In most cases, these prisoners suffering from heart disease and other serious ailments are sent back to prison without proper treatment, as a result of which they have to be re-hospitalized with similar problems or face death, the BNP leader added.

In this regard, Dr Rafiqul Islam said he strongly condemned such inhumane treatment and demanded the immediate release of all prisoners and proper treatment of sick prisoners.

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