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Fakhrul: No more games in the name of national election

Awami League government ‘attacking’ Islam by harassing Islamic scholars and branding them as militants, says the BNP secretary general

Update : 03 Oct 2021, 07:50 PM

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Sunday said his party together with people will no longer allow any games to be played in the name of a national election in Bangladesh.

"You [government] have constituted a subservient election commission which carries out your orders. You are planning to hold an election where voters will not go to polling stations and you will cast the votes through EVMs. People will not allow such an election anymore,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion program, the BNP leader said his party definitely wants a genuine election to get the responsibility of running the state with the love of people. "But I would like to say it clearly that the people of this country will no longer allow any games to be played in the name of an election.”

Jatiyatabadi Ulema Dal arranged the program at the National Press Club to mark its 42nd founding anniversary.

Fakhrul said Bangladesh was liberated with a dream of establishing democracy and a free society, but the Awami League has established a “one-party rule” by obliterating democracy. “Now there is no democracy, election, accountability, and law and order in the country. We did not want such a country.”

He said 11-12 companies, including Evaly, took way hundreds of crores of taka from people in the name of ecommerce, but the government could not take any steps in advance to check such fraud.

The BNP leader said the incidents of killing, rape, and repression of women and children have seen an unusual rise in the country due to a deterioration in the law and order situation.

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He said the Awami League has become the “biggest enemy” of people by resorting to repressive acts, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings.

Mentioning that 95% of people in Bangladesh believe in Islam, Fakhrul alleged that the government is “attacking” Islam repeatedly by harassing Islamic scholars by branding them as militants. “The government is trying to get the sympathy and support of the western countries by using the militancy tag.”

He said the government is even trying to control religious gatherings like waz-mahfils and regulate scholars who preach Islam. “In fact, no religion is safe in the hands of the Awami League as this party does not believe in any religion.”

The BNP leader urged the Ulema Dal to strengthen its organizational capacity to play a role in a movement for removing the current government from power. “The entire nation is now looking at the BNP and its associate bodies to lead a movement for establishing a pro-people government ousting the current one. We must be ready for that movement. It is now our responsibility is to strengthen the organization.”

He said the Awami League wants to hang onto power unlawfully by suppressing opposition leaders and activists with repressive acts and false cases.

“They usurped power by stuffing ballots the night before the voting day using the state machinery. So our responsibility is to oust the regime as the country’s independence and sovereignty, and people’s lives and assets are not safe in its hands,” he added.

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