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Gazipur RMG workers stop work to demand wage adjustment

  • They complained that most of their wages did not increase much in the new pay scale
  • Senior workers have been allegedly listed as juniors
Update : 10 Jan 2024, 08:37 PM

Garment workers in Gazipur on Wednesday observed work abstention in their factories to express dissatisfaction over the new pay scale.

They complained saying most of their wages did not increase much in the new pay scale. 

Workers said that experienced workers have not been included in Grade 1 or Grade 2; they have rather been listed as workers of Grade 3 and 4. This has been done so that owners can deprive them of higher pay, one worker said, maintaining anonymity.  

He said senior workers have been listed as juniors. 

Workers in multiple factories reportedly observed work abstention, as a result of which production in these factories was halted. 

Sources said workers of Target Denim and Casual Wear Ltd in Basan area initiated the strike at around 8:30am, which quickly spread to several other factories along the Dhaka-Mymensingh and Dhaka-Tangail highways. 

Production in these factories, among which are  JK Spinning Mills Ltd, Stitch Maid Limited and ICC Composite Limited, remained halted throughout the day. However, the workers stayed inside the factories. 

Officials of Target Denim and Casual Wear Ltd said the factory is following the new pay scale announced by the government but the workers are not happy. 

Imran Ahmed, Additional Superintendent of Police (Operation and Intelligence) of Gazipur Industrial Police-2, said that the workers have been protesting for the past few days. However, they remained peaceful inside the factory. Workers of JK Spinning Mills Ltd left the factory as the authorities announced a holiday for the rest of the day. 

The government on November 12 last year published the gazette on the minimum wage for garment workers, setting the monthly pay at Tk12,500 and reducing the number of grades to five from seven.

In the gazette, the number of grades of garment workers has been brought down to five from seven as demanded by the representatives of both workers and owners before the board formed on April 9.

The new wage came into effect from December 1 and workers have started to receive salaries under the new structure from this January.

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