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Dhaka Tribune

Hospital cleaner held for stealing, selling medicines

RAB seized numbers of medicines from his possession

Update : 16 Mar 2020, 12:01 PM

A hospital cleaner has been detained by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) for stealing medicines from National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) and illegally selling them.

The detainee is Mohammad Abdur Rob, 45, son of late Rashid Patwary from Bhola district.

RAB Second Crime Prevention Company (CPC 2) Commanding Officer Major H M Parvez Arefin said: "Acting on a tip-off, we conducted a drive and arrested Abdur Rob from a tin-shed house around 8:30pm on Sunday."

Abdur Rob, with the help of some hospital staff, had been stealing medicines from NITOR for a long time. He stored them in an unhealthy condition in a tin-shed room, from where he was arrested, and later sold them to different pharmacies.

RAB seized numbers of medicines from the tin-shed room -- 150 bags of Normal Saline (1000ml), 36 pieces of Normalin TM (1000ml), three Cleanser (1000ml), 10 Plasmasol (500ml), 23 Arose brand Plaster of Paris, 10 skin cleanser Hexiscrub, a Chlorhexidine with cetrimide solution, 11 Providex (100ml), four Arodin (100ml), 13 Gypsonet (tm) and seven Aesculap (R).

As a cleaner of the hospital it was easier for Abdur to do the stealing and he also had a temporary identity card from the hospital, the RAB official added.

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