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Two dead, 30 injured in two separate clashes in Raipura

The deceased have been identified as an SSC candidate, Tofayel Hossain, 18 and Sohrab Hossain, 30

Update : 16 Nov 2018, 11:50 PM

In an effort to establish dominance in the Narsingdi district, two separate clashes on Friday, between supporters of four different parties, have led to the death of two individuals from bullet wounds.

The deceased have been identified as an SSC candidate, Tofayel Hossain, 18 and Sohrab Hossain, 30. 

At least 30 other individuals have been injured during the clash, among which three have been identified - Sumon Mia, 26, Mamun Mia, 25, and another Sumon Mia, 26. The injured were sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH).

Raipura police station Inspector Mozaffar Hossain confirmed that the incident took place in the Charanchal’s Bashgari area in the Raipura upazila, on Friday.

According to police and local sources, rivalry, for a long period of time, existed for dominance, between the Union Parishad (UP) Chairman Sirajul Haque and the former Chairman Shahed Sarkar as well as their supporters.

Their conflict took a toll on Shahed’s health and he suddenly passed away in March, this year. Forty days later, on May 3, Sirajul was shot dead.

After the murder of UP Chairman Sirajul Haque, Shahed’s supporters had fled the region, and went into hiding. When Shahed’s supporters returned after a long time, their opponents attacked them with firearms, which led to the clash where at least 10 people were injured.

Meanwhile, four people were taken to the Narshingdi Sadar Hospital, where the doctors declared Tofayel Hossain dead and later, the other three, who were in a critical condition were sent to the DMCH.

Simultaneously, for the dominance of the Nilakkha union of the upazila, a feud had been on-going for a long time between the current Chairman Tajul Islam and former Chairman Abdul Haque.

Supporters of Tajul Islam are also supporters of Sirajul Haque and supporters of Abdul Haque are supporters of Shahed Sarker.

Following the incident, on Friday, around noon, after taking part in the Bashgari clash, former Chairman Abdul’s supporters went back to their territory and attacked supporters of current Chairman Tajul Islam, during which, Tajul’s supporter, Sohrab Hossain was shot dead. At least 20 people were injured, of which 10-12 were serious.

Nilakkha police investigation centre Sub-Inspector Mohammad Hossain said that, the dead body of Sohrab Hossain had been sent to the Narsingdi Sadar Hospital for autopsy. 

“Abdul Haque's supporters ambushed supporters of Tajul in connection with the Bashgari clash. However, today’s clash was not premeditated,” he also added.

Raipura police Inspector Mozaffar Hossain said that, after receiving information, they arrived on scene and brought the situation under control. 

He added that in the mean time, another clash started in Birgaon of the Nilakkha union and spread. Even though enough police had been deployed, the situation could not be brought under control.” 

“The incident killed two individuals, in two separate incidents. The dead bodies have been sent to the Narsingdi Sadar Hospital for autopsy,” he also added.

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