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Police finally bust Nur Hossain’s drug den

Update : 10 May 2014, 06:29 AM

It is not that the Narayanganj civil administration, police and RAB were unaware of the drug den and other illegal businesses of Nur Hossain, the prime accused in seven murders, and could not bust those.

The shocking reality is that the local administration was fully aware of Nur’s longstanding underworld crime activities but it had never dared touch him because of his political clout, money and muscle, many local residents say.

Nur Hossain is a ruling Awami League leader in Narayanganj who enjoyed blessings of powerful Osman family’s Awami League lawmaker Shamim Osman. He was Shiddhirganj Union Parisad Chairman for a long time and now a councillor of Narayanganj City Corporation.

How can it be possible that the local administration and law enforcers did not have any knowledge of Nur Hossain’s underworld criminal activities? – wondered many locals.

“Because of his political influence and administrative backing he had remained untouched and immune from arrest. Officials in the civil administration and law enforcing agencies used to get kickbacks from him,” said a social activist in the port city preferring not to be named.

But yesterday Narayanganj administration had a different look. It plucked up the “courage” to bust few of the dens of Nur Hossain and recovered some drug and sharp weapons.

When the port city’s police launched this crackdown all powerful Nur Hossain was not in Narayanganj. He has been on the run a couple of days after the abduction of his rival Nazrul and six others. Their body were found in Shitalakkhya River on April 30.

Nazrul was also a councillor and a panel mayor of the same city corporation. His family filed a case accusing six people for the seven murders where Nur Hossain was mentioned as the key suspect.

After the abduction Nur Hossain was seen in Narayanganj till April 29 afternoon. Nazrul’s family filed the case against him on April 28. But the local administration and police did not detain or arrest Nur Hossain. The mystery of such inaction of law enforcers baffled the local people.

When the media in last 10 days have exposed Nur Hossain’s crime world Nazrul’s family came forward with many convincing information and logic of suspecting Nur Hossain for killing Nazrul and others.

But till yesterday police had failed to nab Nur Hossain and his accomplices though they have claimed to have made substantial progress in the investigation.

They also failed to unearth his drug business before they recovered 3,500 bottles of phensidyl, 37 cans of beer, nine bottles of foreign liquor and seven sharp weapons yesterday from five shops of Nur Hossain.

None was arrested during the drive as all the shops were locked.

When the drive was going on at Siddhirganj’s Shimrail Truck Stand Md Zakaria, additional superintendent of police in Narayanganj, who led the police team said: “We have come to know today that Nur had piled drugs including phensidyl, foreign liquor, beer, yaba tablets in five shops here.”

As Police Superintendent of the district Dr Khandakar Mahid Uddin was asked why police did not launch any drive in the past, he said: “I was posted here only nine days back. If you ask anything about the previous activities of police, I can’t answer it.”

“I can assure you, from now on nobody will ever be able to run drug business or any illegal activities here.  You see, we have recovered drug. We also searched Nur Hossain’s office,” he said.

About the progress made in the sensational seven-murder case, he said: “Investigation is going on. We have made substantial progress.”

Following the abduction involvement of local RAB 11 officials were discussed strongly. Police had said that they would arrest anyone they deemed necessary for investigation.

On May 6, the authorities concerned dismissed Commanding Officer of the RAB 11 Lt Col Tareque Sayeed Mohammad and its company commanders Maj Arif Hossain and Lt Commander SM Masud Rana for their alleged involvement in abducting and killing of seven people in exchange for money.

 Asked, if they would arrest the sacked ex-RAB men, he said: “We are looking into everything. Let us see.”

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