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Ekramul killing: What was in the audio clips?

In the first three of the clips, which could not be independently verified by the Dhaka Tribune, Ekram is heard talking to his daughter

Update : 03 Jun 2018, 11:41 AM

The family of slain Teknaf municipality councillor Ekramul Haque has provided the press with four audio clips, which they say are calls to his one.

In the first three of the clips, which could not be independently verified by the Dhaka Tribune, Ekramul is heard talking to his daughter. In the first two, he talks about going to different places and tells the daughter to tell her mother.


(Conversation between Ekram and his daughter)

Daughter: Hello?

Ekram: Ammu, I am going to Hnila. Hnila.

Daughter: Hnila? Why?

Ekram: I have some urgent business. [strained voice]

Daughter: Urgent business? Why?

Ekram:  Urgent business, okay? I am driving...

Daughter: Abbu you are crying?

Ekram: Ah...

Ayesha: [from the background] What's happening? [takes the phone] Hello!

[call ends]


Phone rings. Someone picks it up.

Ayesha: I want to talk to the commissioner. Hello, who is this? I am his wife.

A single shot sounded, and a man screamed in pain.

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The man then let out another long scream, after which another gunshot was heard.

Ayesha and her children began screaming and crying.

“My husband has done nothing!” Ayesha screamed repeatedly.

Police whistles began sounding.

As Ayesha screamed, two voices were heard from the other side.

- keep that [expletive] in the car [twice]

One dropped here, where is the other one?

Two more gunshots.

- Hey, take it out straight, [expletives]. You don't understand [expletives].

Whistles die down and then continue to sound intermittently.

Twenty seconds later: 

- Where is [unclear]?

- Yes sir.

- [unclear] you have it/them?

- [response unclear]

 [siren sounds in the background]

- Load it and give it to me you fool!

- [another voice speaking in Chittagonian] How far are you?

Two more shots sounded.

10 seconds later, another gunshot.

Two men scream: [expletives] grab him!

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Find the shells.

Another gunshot.

Twenty-five seconds later: Four gunshots in rapid succession.

- Three, four. How many rounds did you give?

- Ten.

- Not 10, seven.

- Another to the bike, sir. We have to shoot another at the bike.

- Put one on the bike.

- Is this going to ricochet?

A phone rings.

Move away, move away.

[unclear conversation]

- No no no, can't put the mobile.

[unclear conversation]

- We did not put any empty shells.

- No need, we don't need these. If you find them, it's a bonus. If not [unclear]

-Empty? Yes, put two empties and scatter three around.

- I did. Three of them. One loaded, and three in his pocket.

- Why did you put them in his pocket? There's [unclear] pistol. Get them out! Is this [unclear] that you'll put them in his pocket?

[indistinct chatter]

Sound of sirens begin fading.

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