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6th National Daughter Conference kicks off in Nepal

  • Attended by 200 delegates from all over the country with a ratio of 90% women and 10% men
  • This conference has been held every year since 2019
Update : 11 Feb 2024, 12:12 AM

The sixth National Daughter Conference began in Surkhet, Karnali province of Nepal on Saturday and will continue till Monday.

The three-day conference is being held with the objective of uniting daughters and women's rights activists from Nepal's east to west and also mountains. 

It was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Karnali province Raj Kumar Sharma.

Najbul Khan from Mainstream Women's Service Center of Udaipur, who is also the coordinator of the organizing committee of the conference, said the event is being held with the slogan 'Women in Seat, Women in Speech and Women in Governance'.

The conference will be attended by 200 delegates from all over the country with a ratio of 90% women and 10% men.

Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma in his speech said: “As long as Muslim women, low-income communities, also women in the mountains—that is—women from all strata do not raise their voice for their rights, their rights will not be realized. And I am supporting this campaign in every way.”

Bed Raj Singh,  Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning said: “Establishing women power also requires male participation. My ministry will fully support this campaign in the future.”

Urmila Bishwakarma, Minister for Water Resources and Energy Development of the Karnali provincial government, said: “Women always have to struggle for success. This will also be the case with this campaign, so don't get discouraged, and keep going until you get success. It will take time, but success will come, I believe, because I have come this far after struggling a lot.”

Kabita Itani, a gender specialist and politician from Dhading, hosted the inaugural program.

The image shows a glimpse of the 6th National Daughter Conference in Karnali Province, Surkhet of Nepal.nPhoto: Dhaka Tribune

Meanwhile, the guests congratulated six girls from Nepal, who got a four-year scholarship from National Daughter Conference, and are studying in universities in different parts of Nepal Apart from this, 13 people from different provinces of Nepal were honoured and given certificates for their outstanding work in respective fields. They also gave a certificate to Dhaka Tribune's staff reporter Nawaz Farhin Antara for her write-up on women and children related issues.

One of the girl children, Sumi Khatun—who participated in the program—spoke to Dhaka Tribune and said: “I live in a society where it takes a lot of courage to speak up for our rights. From there I came to the province today to talk about our rights. That to me is a step forward towards achieving our rights.”

This conference has been held every year since 2019. The first National Daughter Conference was organized by Mission Note of Dissent Abhasa National Campaign Central Network and Mainstream Women's Service Center Masbase Udaipur.

The second conference was held in Janakpur, the third in Hetouda, the fourth in Pokhara, and the fifth in Butbal.

Coordinator of the organizing committee of the conference, Najbul Khan, said in her speech that today's girls are becoming supportive towards their families. 

“Every home, every municipality should be our responsibility, so that girls can live here with their rights,” she added.

She also said, as long as the participation of women in parliament is not proportionate and 50% of women's participation is not ensured and until the position of women in politics is increased, equality will remain far-fetched.

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