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DGHS: Covid-19 deceased can be buried in family graveyards

‘No need for burials only in designated graveyards since virus cannot spread after the funeral’

Update : 03 Jun 2020, 04:39 PM

The Directorate General of Health Services has said that a Covid-19 victim’s body can be buried in family graveyards or graveyards of their choice.   

DGHS Additional Director General (Add DG-administration) Prof Nasima Sultana made the statement in a daily online bulletin on the Covid-19 situation on Wednesday afternoon. 

The Add DG said that Covid-19 deceased can be buried and cremated according to their respective religious rules.

According to health guidelines, the body must be brought in a body bag, and if that’s not available, then it must be wrapped in polythene and be buried in a nominated or family graveyard.

“There is no need for specifically separate graveyards for the Covid-19 deceased,” Nasima said. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it has not been proved that the virus can spread from a dead body to another person. Basically, it takes two to three hours for a burial. After three hours, the virus is no longer effective, so there is no possibility of spread of the virus after a funeral, said Dr Nasima.

“However, one ought to be careful. A Covid-19 deceased's burial or funeral management instructions are available on the WHO website. According to that, one can bury their loved ones in family graveyards or graveyards of their choice,” she furthered. 

Bangladesh has reported 37 new deaths and 2,695 fresh cases in the last 24 hours. 

With the latest figure, the number of total confirmed cases jumped to 55,140 and the death toll to 746.

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