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Envoy: Chinese enterprises will promote sustainable development, deepening ties

China will always stand by Bangladesh to help realize its dream of Sonar Bangla, says the chinese ambassador

Update : 02 Jul 2023, 10:39 PM

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Yao Wen has said Chinese enterprises in Bangladesh will take more responsibilities of promoting the sustainable development of the latter and deepening the friendship between the two countries.

"We will make the people of the two countries strengthen friendship, enhance well-being, become closer to each other, and cultivate more envoys of friendship, so that the China-Bangladesh friendship will be passed on from generation to generation," he said.

The envoy said China will always stand by Bangladesh to help realize its dream of Sonar Bangla. 

The ambassador was speaking at a program titled China-Bangladesh Partnership—Building Strong Communities Together Report launch held at the embassy on Sunday night. 

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi spoke as the chief guest highlighting trade and investment cooperation between the two countries and China's support towards Bangladesh's infrastructure development. 

For Chinese enterprises, Ambassador Wen said, social responsibility is a well-known concept. 

Over the years, he said, hundreds of Chinese enterprises operating in Bangladesh have made long-term investments in fulfilling their social responsibilities by taking actions in environmental protection, honest operation, community service, job creation, employee training, public welfare and charity, etc.

Inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese enterprises in Bangladesh have firmly established the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind, actively implemented Global Development Initiative, helped Bangladesh tapping its development potential, and shared their own development experience and achievements with their Bangladeshi counterparts, said the Chinese envoy. 

"As Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh, I am very proud of the contributions made by Chinese enterprises to the development of China-Bangladesh relations," he said, conveying respect and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to the economic development of Bangladesh and the friendship between China and Bangladesh.

He presented the China-Bangladesh Ambassador Friendship Award to six Bangladeshi friends including Alifa Chin. 

The purpose of establishing China-Bangladesh Ambassador Friendship Award is to encourage more Bangladeshi youths to study hard and pursue their dreams, to encourage them to contribute to the epic story of China-Bangladesh friendship, and inspire them to devote themselves to the cooperation between the two countries, said the ambassador. 

The Chinese Embassy will make arrangements for Alifa Chin and her family to visit China this year. 

For the other five winners who work with Chinese enterprises, the relevant companies have made arrangements for their promotion, salary enhancement, and work after the completion of current projects.

This year, under the framework of China aid, China will provide Bangladeshis nearly 200 opportunities to go to the country for training and participating in higher education, said Ambassador Wen. 

China will also maintain and steadily increase the number of trainees every year in the future, he said.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, and also the 7th anniversary of Bangladesh's participation in the Initiative. 

The Chinese embassy in Bangladesh is taking the lead in writing a research report regarding the Belt and Road Initiative in Bangladesh, which comprehensively demonstrates the current situation and future development direction of China-Bangladesh friendship, said the envoy. 

"We will launch the report in the near future," he said. 

"We will strengthen theoretical and practical exchanges with Bangladesh on modernization, and synergize our development strategies," said the Chinese ambassador.

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