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International conference of pathology doctors begins in Dhaka

  • 1st international and 7th national conference
  • Led by Bangladesh Academy of Pathology


Update : 27 Apr 2024, 08:20 PM

Dhaka is hosting a 2-day international conference for doctors aimed at knowledge sharing and exploring the latest advancements in diagnostic technology.

The inauguration of the conference, which marks the 1st international and the 7th national gatherings, was led by the Bangladesh Academy of Pathology, a national body of pathology professionals.

Professor Deen Md Nurul Haque, vice chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, present at the opening ceremony as the chief guest.

The former director general of DGHS and chairman of the reception committee of the conference Professor Shah Munir Hossain participated as special guests.

During the inaugural function, speakers emphasized the pivotal role of pathologists in ensuring accurate diagnoses, thus enabling effective treatments.

They highlighted how the treatment of complex diseases, like cancer, heavily relies on precise diagnoses facilitated by skilled pathologists utilizing tests and modern technology.

Despite facing various challenges, pathologists in Bangladesh have been working efficiently. However, in spite of the steady rise in student enrollment in government medical colleges over the past two decades, the number of pathology teachers has not increased proportionately. This has resulted in inadequate development and support for the pathology department.

The speakers at the event stressed the crucial role of pathology education in medical colleges to ensure the training of doctors capable of making accurate diagnoses.

They highlighted the shortage of pathologists and technologists to cater to the needs of the vast population. Moreover, there's a notable technological deficiency nationwide, especially in diagnosing diseases like cancer, leading patients to seek treatment either in Dhaka or abroad, often at later stages, resulting in increased medical expenses and complications.

During the conference, Professor Dr Shahed Ali Jinnah, the general secretary of the academy, raised concerns about the existence of collection centres in neighbouring countries' corporate labs. These centres are allegedly involved in smuggling patient samples for testing, leading to an illegal trade worth billions of rupees.

Dr Jinnah also questioned the credibility and accountability of the reports obtained from such practices. Furthermore, suspicions were raised about certain service providers engaging in patient referrals across various public and private institutions.

Dr Jinnah called upon the Ministry of Health to address these issues promptly.

Professor Dr Md Golam Mostafa, the organization's president, extended gratitude to pathologists nationwide and highlighted the academy's pivotal role in pathology education, service provision, and training.

During the two-day conference, approximately 350 local and international pathologists, including experts from the United States, Canada, India, and Singapore, participated in diverse sessions.

They shared experiences, exchanged knowledge, and discussed cutting-edge technologies.

Notably, the Bangladesh Academy of Pathology, founded in 2012, has been leading efforts to enhance the quality of pathology education and services while advocating for the interests of pathologists nationwide.

Academy members have also been actively involved in cancer diagnosis research, contributing significantly to the field.

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