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Do you know where your polling centre is? Check it here

  • Election Commission introduces new website
  • Voter list available at each police station and upazila level election office
Update : 07 Jan 2024, 02:27 PM

The countdown to the 12th National Assembly elections is underway, and rival candidates are actively engaged in last-minute public relations efforts.

As election day approaches, public interest is growing, particularly in various issues related to the electoral process.

In the past few days, people have been searching for several election-related questions trending on Google. The most interesting among them is to know the information about the voter list and polling stations.

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Let's delve into these two crucial aspects below.

Identifying polling station

For voters, knowing the correct polling station is crucial for casting a valid vote.

The Election Commission website is a valuable resource for determining your designated polling station.

The website provides information on polling stations for each constituency.

To utilize this resource effectively, voters need to identify their constituency and ward numbers.

Once this information is known, they can check the list of polling centres for their specific ward within the constituency. Typically, local educational institutions serve as polling stations.

While there was a system to inquire about polling stations via SMS in the last election, this option is not available in the current election.

Instead, the Election Commission has introduced a mobile app called "Smart Election Management.BD (smartelectionmanagement.BD)," available for download from the Apple Store or Play Store.

Upon installation, users need to input their date of birth and voter ID card number to access a wealth of information, including current parliament elections, voter ID number, assigned polling station with its address, and the voting serial number.

The app also provides details about other voters in the same constituency and information about candidates, including their symbols.

Furthermore, the app facilitates real-time updates by the commission, offering election centre-wise vote counts every two hours. This comprehensive tool serves as a convenient and efficient means for voters to access essential election-related information.

Accessing voter list

One of the most frequently asked questions on Google Trends is whether there is a way to view the voter list.

According to the Election Commission, there is currently no online platform or website available for accessing the voter list.

The commission cites the significant size of the voter population in Bangladesh as a challenge to online publication, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding voters' personal privacy.

Despite the absence of an online option, there are alternative methods to obtain voter list information prior to casting a vote.

The voter list is physically available at each police station and upazila level election office.

The information is dispatched before the election, allowing voters to inquire about their details in a specific area.

In instances where physical access to the election office is not feasible, local candidates often distribute lists to voters' homes before the election.

Additionally, candidates present at polling stations on election day possess copies of the voter list and can provide relevant information to voters.

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