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Thakurgaon by-poll: Election held peacefully, but turnout low

22,077 voters exercised their right to vote across 10 polling centres

Update : 17 Jul 2023, 04:36 PM

Thakurgaon by-election in Jagannathpur and Amgaon unions is being held peacefully but with low voter turnout.

Two candidates competed for the UP member position in Ward No 9 of Jagannathpur union, Thakurgaon.

A total of 22,077 voters exercised their right to vote across 10 polling centres, choosing from four candidates vying for the chairman post in Amgaon union.

Halima Begum, a college student who cast her vote at Amgaon Jamun High School polling station, said: "This is my first time voting. I arrived early in the morning. It's a pleasant experience to be able to vote in a peaceful environment without any crowd."

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Yunus Ali, who arrived at the Jadurani High School polling centre using a walking stick to cast his vote, said: “It is good to be able to vote at this age. I hope the desired candidate will be elected."

Umakant Bhowmik, Awami Leauge chairman candidate in Amgaon union, said: "The way the polling is going on, I hope to be elected with 100% votes."

Haripur Jadurani High School Presiding Officer Delwar Hossain had said: “There has been no chaos so far. Voters are casting their votes in a peaceful atmosphere. Hopefully, the voting will be done properly."

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