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4 injured in clash between Chhatra League JnU and Sutrapur units

  • Police were deployed to control the situation
  • Investigation was ongoing
Update : 02 Jun 2024, 09:42 PM

Longstanding enmity between the Sutrapur Thana Chhatra League and Jagannath University (JnU) branch Chhatra League activists led to clashes on Saturday night, leaving four individuals seriously injured.

The incidents occurred between Saturday 10pm and 12am in front of Government Suhrawardy College and National Hospital. 

Witnesses reported that around 10pm, activists from Suhrawardy College and Sutrapur Thana Chhatra League attacked Mehedi Hasan Miraj and his friends, followers of JnU branch leader Ibrahim Faraji, with rods, sticks, and bricks, causing severe injuries. 

The injured were rushed to the National Medical College Institute Hospital.

Subsequently, about 30-40 JnU Chhatra League leaders and activists armed with rods, sticks, and iron pipes attacked opposition activists, leaving two Sutrapur Thana Chhatra League members critically injured.

Following this, JnU Chhatra League members, led by Sifat, Pavel, Ibn Sina, Rahim, Opu, and Raja, took out an armed procession in the Suhrawardy College and Victoria Park areas in search of their opponents. Police were deployed to control the situation.

JnU Chhatra League President Ibrahim Faraji and General Secretary SM Akhtar Hossain visited the campus after hearing the news.

Injured JnU Chhatra League activist Mehedi Hasan Miraj said: “My home is in Old Dhaka. Seven to eight people attacked us while I was talking to Sabbir in front of Suhrawardy College. Following the incident, I was taken to the hospital with injuries.”

Miraj added that members of Faraji’s group came to the hospital upon receiving the news and subsequently beat up Siam and Faisal of the rival group who were at the hospital. 

He identified the attackers as members of Suhrawardy College and Sutrapur Thana Chhatra League, followers of Sutrapur Thana Organizational Secretary Azim.

Azim countered that Siam and Faisal were seriously injured by a group of 30-40 JnU Chhatra League activists, insisting it was a personal dispute, not a political event.

Ashiqul Islam, general secretary of Suhrawardy College Chhatra League, said that the incident occurred outside the campus and Siam and Faisal were not Suhrawardy College students.

JnU Chhatra League General Secretary Akter Hossain denied any involvement of their members, saying none of the injured JnU students are affiliated with Chhatra League. 

Similarly, JnU branch President Ibrahim Faraji said that the incident was caused by university students and was not the responsibility of Chhatra League. He indicated that the university administration would take appropriate action.

Jagannath University’s Proctor Dr Jahangir Hussain said: "There has been no violence within the campus. Some students of Jagannath University were involved in this incident. However, the university does not condone any criminal activities. The police are investigating and will take appropriate measures."

Sutrapur police station Inspector (Investigation) Robiul Islam described the clash as a minor scuffle and assured that the situation was under control and the investigation was ongoing.

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