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NSU hosts lecture on Russia’s involvement in Indo-Pacific region

The event drew a diverse audience of students, scholars, and practitioners

Update : 15 May 2023, 01:08 PM

To shed light on the complex dynamics surrounding Russia's involvement in the Indo-Pacific region, a captivating lecture titled “Russia in the Indo-Pacific Region: Challenges and Opportunities” was held at North South University (NSU).

The event was held on Sunday at the Syndicate Hall in NSU, reads a press release.

The event, organized by NSU's Center for Peace Studies (CPS) of the South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG), drew a diverse audience of students, scholars, and practitioners eager to delve into the intricacies of international relations.

Dr Alexey Kupriyanov, an esteemed expert in the field and the head of the Centre for the Indo-Pacific Region at IMEMO RAS, highlighted the multifaceted role of Russia in the Indo-Pacific region, addressing both the challenges and opportunities associated with its engagement.

During his lecture, Dr Kupriyanov delved into the historical context that has shaped Russia's presence in the Indo-Pacific, highlighting key geopolitical factors and strategic considerations. 

He discussed Russia's evolving relationships with regional powers, such as China and India, and explored the extent of Russia's economic, military, and diplomatic involvement in the region. 

Following the thought-provoking lecture, Dr Mohammed Nuruzzaman, a professor of Global Studies and a member of the CPS at NSU provided insightful commentary and analysis, delving deeper into the challenges and opportunities presented by Russia's engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. 

He emphasized the importance of understanding Russia's motives and interests within the broader context of global power dynamics and regional aspirations.

Professor Dr Sk Tawfique M Haque, director CPS & SIPG and the chair of Dept of PSS, NSU, offered a vote of thanks.

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