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Ongoing students protest leaves scores injured

Students are uncertain over protest continuation

Update : 06 Aug 2018, 02:45 AM

Hundreds of people, including students and journalists have been injured from clashes on the eighth day of the ongoing students’ protest over safer roads across Dhaka city.

The students were uncertain about the continuation of their protest today.

Sunday’s protest saw the numbers of students from schools and colleges go down significantly and the number of university student protesters increasing rapidly.

The protesters they wanted to safeguard the school students from violence.

Several school students, who were seen playing active roles on the previous days said they did not join Sunday’s protest as they were mostly in their classes.

Sunday’s protest continued in the Uttara, Rampura, Shahbagh, Science Laboratory and Jigatola areas. 

Police were seen firing teargas in the Jigatola and Science Laboratory areas to control the situation after it went out of control. Chase-counter-chase took place in many major areas across the city.

Most of the injured were students from public and private universities including several journalists.

Among the injured, at least five students were undergoing treatment at Popular Medical College and Hospital, while some others were treated at the Square and Lab Aid hospitals. Fourteen students also received treatment at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH).

The local Awami League, Sramik League and Chhatra League members were seen bringing out processions from several parts of Dhaka.

In the Jigatola, Science Lab and Bata Signal areas - around 100 people were injured in clashes between alleged Chhatra League members and protesting students. 

Protesters said that the police backed the Chhatra League’s unruly members by firing teargas during the clashes, but made no effort to calm them.

According to student protesters, a scheduled peaceful procession was brought out by thousands of students from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet), Dhaka University (DU) and the Dhaka Medical College(DMC).  They marched towards Jigatola demanding safer roads and protesting Saturday’s attack on the demonstration. 

When they reached Jigatola, members of the law enforcement agencies fired 15 to 20 teargas shells compelling the students to scatter.

The students again took position at Dhanmondi 2 where the police again fired 10 to 12 teargas shells at them. 

Simultaneously they were also allegedly attacked by the local Chhatra League and Awami League members. 

When the protesters were heading towards Science Lab area, they were again attacked by Chhatra League members in collaboration with the local Chhatra League members near the Dhaka College, pushing the protesters back towards the Labaid hospital and Bata Signal areas. 

The time police also fired teargas at these places as well. Our reporters said while the alleged Chhatra League members were going back from Bata Signal crossing, handmade bombs also exploded and when a Chhatra League member was asked about the explosion, he denied saying: “It was done by the protesters. They were carrying both stones and handmade bombs.”  

Around 2pm, Awami League activists and police together chased the protesters when they were trying to get to the main road from Shimanto Square; they were chased all through Dhanmondi 15.

Later BCL men along with Awami League men brought out a procession on the Mirpur road around the Science Lab area.

In Uttara - Around 400 students blocked the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in the Jashim Uddin area. The students started gathering near Mascot Plaza at 11:30am, demanding speedy implementation of their nine-point demand.

Protesters said some alleged members of local Chhatra League tried to stop them from continuing their protest, but did not succeed.

The protest continued till 4pm and they said they might continue their protest today, depending on the situation.

In Mirpur - There were no major procession on the streets. The traffic was normal in the area as well. 

The protesters said they could not demonstrate as their classes were going on and their families did not let them join the protests. 

Students from Mirpur Commerce College and Bangladesh University of Business Technology (BUBT) tried to bring out a procession but they were blocked by the police and local Awami League leaders. Later they tried to organize a human chain in front of their institutions, only to be allegedly chased away by the local Chhatra League men around 2pm. 

A motorcade of 20-25 motorbikes, with at least three of them having Chhatra League stickers were seen heading from Mirpur 2 to Mirpur 11. 

Protesting students said Chhatra League members roaming in the area did not allow them to gather in a single place. The Jubo League and Sramik League also assisted them over there.

In the Farmgate area- Alleged Chhatra League men attacked students of University of Asia Pacific (UAP) and vandalized the campus. 

They attacked thestudents as they tried to bring out a procession supporting the current protest of road safety program. 

UAP authority said their Proctor Professor Abu Sayeed M Ahmed and a female student were injured during the attack. 

Students who witnessed the attack said a group of men chanting “Joy Bangla” attacked the protesters. 

Vice Chancellor of the University Jamilur Reza Chowdhury while speaking to the Dhaka Tribune said: “They vandalized our university's window panes. A physics department professor who was in his room on third floor of the building also sustained injuries from scattered pieces of glass.

Chase- counter-chase incidents also took place in the Rampura area as well. 

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