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Fake Pir also convinced expats from the Middle East to give him money

Update : 08 Aug 2017, 11:20 PM
The infamous fake Pir, who was arrested on August 1, also used to exploit people’s sentiments in the Middle East regarding the degeneration of Islam to get funding for making pornography. Friday’s revelation comes hot on the heels after the fake Pir, Ahsan Habib Pair, 25, was arrested, when two women complained to the police that he had forced them to have sex that he secretly videotaped which he later used to blackmail them for money. Police said he has accumulated Tk50 lakh in his bank account in just one year and more allegations has surfaced from other women about his tactics of using sex as a form of spiritual “treatment” to extort money from them later. “We found Tk20 lakh was deposited in his Islami Bank account in just the last few months,” said Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Md Nazmul Islam of Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit. Another CTTC official said the amount was came from different Middle Eastern countries that were sent for preaching Islam: “These people sent the money in good faith only to be deceived. He used a bKash account to get money locally but we are sure he has more bank accounts where he is hiding his money.”The fake Pir Ahsan Habib Pair in police custody Collected The fake Pir Ahsan Habib Pair in police custody Collected A victim, seeking anonymity said she fell prey to his devious tactics after they met on social media. She sent Tk70,000 from Saudia Arabia to Pair when he kept insisting that the state of Islam in Bangladesh was in a dire state. “He is a fraud, liar and criminal. He propositioned sex to me! He has victimised many women by pretending to be a religious man!” she told the Detective Branch of Police after the fake Pir was arrested. Another victim said that she gave him Tk40,0000 over a period of four months in the name of preaching Islam.
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ADC Md Nazmul Islam said: “We also recovered some 100 videos of Pair having sexual relations with women that he used to blackmail them with. “Ahsan used to rent rooms in flats in Gulshan and Uttara where he would take his victims to have sex.” During the two days remand period the fake Pir told the police more about his pornography business and how he used to extort money from vulnerable women, said several CTTC officials, seeking anonymity. “Pair forced more than 50 women to have sex with him and secretly videotaped them. He also recorded having cyber sex with various women on a social media platform called Imo,” said the official. Posing as a Pir, the former student of Dawra-e-Hadith gained popularity with his religious preaching on his YouTube channel. He also had fan clubs on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Viber. Pair used his fan clubs to connect with female followers. He would initiate sexual conversations with them and sometimes met with them. During those meetings, he would convince them to have sex with him. He also tortured women supposedly possessed by Jinns as an exorcism ritual.
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