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High Court to state counsel: Don't present arson issue to court

  • The HC made the direction during a hearing 
  • BNP’s Aslam Chowdhury’s bail hearing adjourned
  • The case filed against the BNP leader in 2013
Update : 30 Jul 2023, 06:13 PM

The High Court on Sunday asked state lawyers not to bring the issue of arson to the court.

“These are out of court matters. Do not spoil the atmosphere of the court bringing the issue like this. The court is of 180 million people,” the judge said.

The High Court came up with the comment during a hearing on a bail petition of BNP's joint secretary general Aslam Chowdhury in a sabotage case filed against him with the capital's Shahbagh police station in 2013.

The court adjourned hearing for two months on the bail application of the BNP leader. 

After the investigation officer of the case appeared before the court, the High Court bench of Justice Mustafa Zaman Islam and Justice Md Aminul Islam passed the order on Sunday.

Additional Attorney General SM Munir, Deputy Attorney General Sarwar Hossain Bappi and Assistant Attorney General Mohammad Shaheen Mirdha represented the state.

Lawyer Masudul Haque stood for the BNP leader. 

Aslam Chowdhury was shown arrested in this case filed in 2013.

On January 5, the High Court granted bail to Aslam in the case. Later, the state counsel filed an appeal petition challenging the High Court order.

The court summoned the investigation officer earlier regarding the latest situation of the case. Following the order, the investigation officer appeared before the High Court.

At the beginning of the hearing, Additional Attorney General SM Munir told the court that there are many accused in this case, they need time to gather information. Aslam Chowdhury, the accused in this case, is accused of colluding with the agent of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad to oust the government.

Then the High Court said, "We will not see whether he went to America or Israel."

At one stage, the court inquired about the case from Harunur Rashid, the investigation officer of the case, and said: 'Why are you taking so much time to complete the investigation? Can't complete the investigation within a month?'

In response, the investigation officer said that there are 180 accused in this case. Information about them has to be collected. It takes a lot of time.

At this stage of Thursday's hearing, Deputy Attorney General Sarwar Hossain Bappi said that they (BNP) have started arson again.

Then the High Court directed the Deputy Attorney General: "Don't bring the issue of arson to the court." 

Police arrested Aslam from the capital on May 15, 2016. Later sedition charges were brought against him for his alleged involvement in an anti-state plot on May 25 that year. A case was filed in this connection. Later he applied for bail in the High Court. 

Several local newspapers published reports attaching more than one photographs of the BNP leader's meeting with Israeli influential leader Mendi N Safadi. But, Aslam denied any conspiracy against the government although he admitted to meeting Safadi in a tea party in India.

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