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For a hassle-free journey home

The actual rush to get home is expected to start today

Update : 30 May 2019, 10:57 PM

With the holidays upon us, millions of Dhaka denizens will be making their way to their hometowns in other districts to celebrate Eid with their families.

Unfortunately, in the past, the Eid rush before the holidays has caused massive tailbacks, with thousands of people sometimes stranded without a way to go back home.

However, the government has carried out commendable infrastructural improvements across the city, which has reduced some of the hardships faced by travellers in the past.

This would not have been possible without the existence of bridges such as the Meghna-Gumti Bridge -- which has pretty much eliminated congestion on the Dhaka-Comilla Highway -- and widespread improvements made to the conditions of roads. 

This is in addition to the impressive project of digitizing the purchase of tickets, which has ensured that the process is far more efficient and streamlined than it has ever been before. 

However, the actual rush to get home is expected to start today; as such, it is important that the authorities keep this in mind going forward, and have a clear plan with regards to how to tackle the massive human traffic making this journey homeward. 

However, it is impressive that certain administrative branches of the government have patrol teams in place to resolve issues, in addition to a central control room set up by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority that will ensure smooth journeys for Bangladeshis.

While there are still issues which exist, such as the various choke points across the city, we commend the government for improving the journey for home-goers, and hope that they continue to improve this service further with each coming Eid. 

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