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6 Buet students write open letter to PM seeking security

  • Prime minister urged to give a safe and free campus to express their opinions
  • They are being tortured mentally and facing online bullying, say the student 
Update : 04 Apr 2024, 07:38 PM

Six students of Bangladesh University of Engineering (Buet) have written an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina requesting security.

These students in favour of student politics gave this information in a press conference organized in front of Buet Shaheed Minar on Thursday afternoon.

In the open letter, they pointed out various incidents and claimed that they are being tortured mentally and they are facing online bullying.

They said: “Student politics is being considered as a forbidden act in the Buet campus. We believe in progressive political thought. As we also want to participate in the establishment of Smart Bangladesh, we have been facing mental harassment on our campus for a long time, which has now become a threat to our lives.”

Drawing the attention of the prime minister and mentioning that they believe in the spirit of the liberation war,  they said: “We want to tell you that the amount of bullying that has been done to us just for free expression of opinion is awful.”

To hear the reason for this oppression, it is needed to know several events after 2019, said the students. 

Student politics was banned in Buet after the brutal murder of the Abrar Fahad (EEE 17).

“After that public humiliation and defamation on the minority students began, even though there were no allegations of ragging or involvement in it or violation of university rule,  which is only because of believing in the spirit of freedom and liberation war. Later, when we were admitted to Buet, we were bullied and harassed in various ways even if we wanted to follow the ideals of our father of the nation.”

Those students complained that they faced various questions when they wanted to keep the pictures of Bangabandhu and the prime minister in the hall room.

In addition, they said that they faced criticism when they wanted to establish a club on “The Spirit of Bangabandhu and Liberation War” in the university.

They also said: “We want freedom of expression. We don't want our campus to become a factory for terrorists. We don't want brutal incidents like Dwip Bhai, Soni Apu, and Abrar Fahad Bhai to happen in the country, we don't want any second Holy Artisan incident. We do not want someone like Tanmoy Bhai to live with the scars of the brutal attack on the camp. We all know that the university is like a free ground for free intellectual practice, we also have this urgent request to you as a common student.”

They urged to prime minister to give a safe and free campus to express their opinions.

“We want normal situation in the campus and safety of life keeping in mind the welfare of all with love for country and ten. We want to practice progressive politics safely and boldly on the BUET campus,” the students added further.

The students on Wednesday alleged that they are being bullied and threatened online on a regular basis.

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