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Dhaka Tribune

Moyeen Khan alleges rigged election on January 7

  • Accused govt of manipulating votes
  • Says election results were predetermined
Update : 11 Jan 2024, 06:54 PM

Dr Abdul Moyeen Khan, a member of the BNP Standing Committee, claimed that there was no genuine election on January 7 and accused the government of manipulating votes and results from a centralized location in Dhaka.

Addressing a press conference at the BNP central office at 4pm on Thursday, Moyeen Khan said that the election results were predetermined, including the allocation of votes and the selection of winning candidates.

He further claimed that the government had seized control of the BNP central office on October 28, 2023, during a crackdown.

During the press conference, Moyeen Khan said: "We have compiled a document detailing 250 incidents of election irregularities. Additionally, we are preparing documents for another 250 cases of irregularities."

He emphasized that the people of the country boycotted the January 7 elections, rejecting the government.

He cited reports from local and international media and various organizations, claiming that the elections lacked fairness and were marred by irregularities.

The press conference was attended by other prominent BNP figures, including Standing Committee members Nazrul Islam Khan, Selima Rahman, Vice Chairman Md Shahjahan, Nitai Roy Chowdhury, BNP Chairperson's advisory council member Zainul Abdin Farroque, Joint Secretary General Mahbub Uddin Khokon, among others.

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