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Dhaka zoo authorities heighten safety measures for visitors

Zoo director emphasizes creating awareness among visitors so that they do not get too close to cages that house ferocious animals

Update : 04 Jul 2023, 10:20 PM

Authorities have taken additional measures to strengthen security at the National Zoo in Dhaka after a spotted hyena bit off the wrist of a 2-year-old boy recently.

They have installed an additional fence around the cages of ferocious animals and are using loudspeakers to make visitors aware of the danger of getting too close to the cages. 

Authorities said they are running awareness campaigns alongside these measures.

On June 2, the boy crossed the safety barrier and stuck his hand inside the hyena enclosure, prompting the animal to attack.

One of the visitors to the Zoo, Babu Sheikh, told this reporter that he is aware of the tragic incident that took place recently. He said that he is now even more careful while visiting the place with his children and mentioned that the zoo authorities were working on installing additional fences. 

Sukumar Roy, who came to the zoo with his nephew, said: "I think the security is fine. In fact, accidents happen only when we are not careful.”

Saif Uddin, who came from Azimpur with his children, said that the security of the zoo is the same as before, that there is no change. 

Dr Mohammad Rafiqul Islam Talukdar, director of the National Zoo, said the zoo authorities are bearing all the expenses for the medical treatment of the boy who lost his wrist and are also closely monitoring his condition. He said that the authorities are installing an additional fence around the cages to keep visitors away from danger in the future. 

He said that there are 20 cages that have ferocious animals in them and the zoo cannot have 20 people guarding the cages at all times. 

He said that with limited manpower it is not possible to keep visitors away from the cages during visiting hours. Therefore, this additional barrier was needed to be installed there. 

The director said that more money is needed to increase security in the zoo. He hoped to get the necessary funds this financial year. 

But he laid stress on creating awareness among visitors so that they do not get too close to the cages. 

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