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DPS STS students, teachers visit Nasa, MIT, Harvard

A total of 28 students from grades 3-10 of DPS STS School Dhaka are participating in the program

Update : 21 Jun 2023, 05:59 PM

A group of 58 travellers from DPS STS School Dhaka, including students, parents, and teachers, are currently in the United States for an 11-night and 12-day educational program. 

The program includes a visit to the Kennedy Space Centre, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Niagara Falls, and more.

A total of 28 students from grades 3-10 of DPS STS School Dhaka are participating in this highly challenging, enriching, and engaging program. Apart from students and teachers, DPS STS has also included their parents in the trip, according to a press release issued on Wednesday.

Educational tours are incredibly enriching for students, allowing them to learn different perspectives, cultures, and ways of life in foreign regions. By participating in an educational tour, students are able to broaden their understanding of the world which, in turn, fosters key skills like independence, problem-solving, and teamwork. 

Aligning with this philosophy, DPS STS School Dhaka arranged an educational outing to some of the most enthralling destinations in the US.

First, the travellers have visited MIT and Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, where students will interact with Professors and participate in a robotics workshop. The group then visited the iconic destinations of the US, such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Niagara Falls, and many more. The main highlight of this educational tour is the visit to Kennedy Space Centre – the heart of Nasa for a multi-sensory experience.

The students, parents, and teachers of DPS STS School Dhaka are getting the opportunity to enjoy the culture, food, history, and art of the US through this program. In this regard, Dr Shivananda CS, Principal of the DPS STS School Dhaka, said: “During this trip, the DPS STS students, teachers, and parents plan to visit NASA's Kennedy Space Centre. It is going to be a great learning journey for them. They are accompanied by able teachers who guide them to learn and make the most out of the trip. One exciting thing about this trip is that they are also visiting MIT, meeting the teachers there, learning their ways and best practices, and absorbing by interacting. I wish them all the best.”

“When I heard about the trip for the first time, I was thrilled and couldn't wait to visit all the amazing places with my friends in a different country. I am super excited to go to the Kennedy Space Centre and explore all the deep mysteries of space,” said a sixth-grade student from DPS STS School Dhaka. 

One of the parents also added: “As parents, we want our children to enjoy education, and what better way to do so than through travelling? I am delighted to be given the opportunity to travel alongside my child and watch her learn and explore the world.”

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