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How much backlash does an actor have to face, for him to defend himself?

The actor Jovan shielded himself, disappeared from his social media handle


Update : 21 Apr 2024, 11:23 AM

This is the case for the drama “Rupantar” that aired during Eid. Directed by Rafat Majumdar Rinku, Farhan Ahmed Jovan played the lead role in this drama. But after the promotion, the audience flooded the internet with it. The drama was taken down from YouTube as well.


But there was no escape. Necessarily, the actor Jovan shielded himself, disappeared from his social media handle. He finally appeared on Friday (April 19) night, with a video message. Where apologized to the audience in a regretful tone.


Jovan said with a look full of fear and helplessness, "I have acted in several Dramas this Eid. I have been getting good response from the first day. This Eid could have been a very beautiful Eid with your love and support. But that didn't happen. I am suffering as much as you are suffering from an unwanted matter. But I am not well at all.”


Jovan's answer regarding the play “Rupantar” states: “The controversy that has been created around the play ‘Rupantar’ is completely unexpected. We do not intend to hurt anyone's religious sentiments through this play. I myself belong to a Muslim family. I know how much I believe in religion and respect Allah. We did not intend to normalize or establish anything through this play. Just tried to present a character. But I am sincerely sorry for hurting so many people through it. My apologies to everyone.”


Finally, Jovan said in a tone of request: “I have been doing drama for eleven long years. I am not alone behind the position that I am today, but definitely the love and support of the audience. The main purpose of my work is to entertain the audience, that's why it's so hard. From now on, I will be more conscious to choose characters. So don't get discouraged, and suffer. I will give you a better work than the works you like. Just one request, don't be disappointed in me. Please pray for me.”


Although, from the comment section of Jovan's video message, the netizens are unable to understand his cry. They are announcing a mass boycott of his Drama. On the contrary, many people are expressing their anger at Jovan's defeated voice and face. They say that a real artist never bends so much.

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