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Dance duo Shibli and Nipa perform ‘Shekal-Ekaler Biye’

‘Many people forget the customs of marriage while keeping up with the times. These issues have been highlighted in this dance,’ says creater of ‘Ityadi’ Hanif Sanket


Update : 31 Mar 2024, 11:27 PM

Magazine program “Ityadi” is known to have a variety of different forms of performative art including dance. These performative arts show the joys of people going home for Eid, nature, struggle, varius Bengali folk festivals, different cultures of our country and family ties. On this note this time “Shekal-Ekaler Biye” will bring forward another important aspect of life.


The Dance was performed by our country’s very famous dance duo Shibli Mohammad and Shamim Ara Nipa. They were also accompanied by more than 150 dancers and performers.


Regarding the dance, the creator of “Ityadi” Hanif Sanket said that the music has been made in harmony with the subject. Nowadays, wedding ceremonies are not limited to just wedding and bridal ceremonies. There are various arrangements. The bride and groom dance and sing together on the wedding stage. Many people forget the customs of marriage while keeping up with the times. These aspects have been highlighted in this dance.



Akash Mahmud has composed the music for the dance under the overall supervision of Hanif Sanket.


Like every time, Eid special “Ityadi” will be aired simultaneously on BTV and BTV World after the 8pm Bangla news on the day after Eid. As usual, the show is written, directed and presented by Hanif Sanket, produced by Fagun Audio Vision and sponsored by Kaya Cosmetics Limited.

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