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'Peyarar Subash' to stream in memory of Ahmed Rubel

The movie is dedicated to the memory of veteran actor Ahmed Rubel, who died of heart attack on the way to watch the premiere show of this movie.

Update : 20 Mar 2024, 08:47 PM

‘Peyarar Subash’ directed by Nurul Alam Atique will stream on Chorki from March 21. The movie is dedicated to the memory of veteran actor Ahmed Rubel, who died of heart attack on the way to watch the premiere show of this movie.


The 92-minute movie also features talented actors Jaya Ahsan, Tariq Anam Khan, Sushama Sarkar, Dihan, Noor Imran Mithu and many others, who acted along with Ahmed Rubel. The movie is produced by Alpha-i Studios Ltd. and co-produced by Chorki.


Peyara's (Jaya) maternal uncle married her off to old Aynal Munshi (Tariq) for money. Old Aynal Munshi forcefully mounts Peyara day after day to prove his masculinity. Peyara gets fed up with this daily marital rape. Looking for a way out, her mind starts racing for revenge. At that very moment Hashem (Rubel) appeared. What will happen to Peyara? Can she save herself from the tyranny of old Munshi?


All these questions about what happens in Peyara's life will be revealed on March 21 at 8 pm.


Jaya Ahsan said: “Atique always teaches or shows us to see something new from the point of view that we ordinary people always see pictures or work. I think Bengali films have never been made before with this kind of background. Every character in this movie, including my character, is very strong. I was in Atique's first film. It is always a pleasure to work with him. It is a pleasure to see the movie coming to Chorki after theatres.”


In the memory of Ahmed Rubel, Jaya said: "Overshadowing all the joys, we are now suffering from the pain of Ahmed Rubel's passing. The events of the premiere day are weighing heavily on all of us. I can't even say a lot. I can only say that the artist remained among us with his work. Ahmed Rubel will also remain among us with his work.”


Tariq Anam Khan said: “The story of the movie is very metaphorically shown in various aspects of the social context of Bangladesh. Hope the audience will enjoy the movie. The movie is releasing in Chorki which is very happy news for us.'


The cinematographer of the movie was Atish Saha. Edited by Sajal Allak, colour grading was by Debjyoti Ghosh. Music and background score by Rashid Sharif Shoaib while Nahidur Rahim Chowdhury was in the sound design. Md Farooq  was the make-up artist in creating the look of all the characters in Peyara Subas. The costume designer was Maria Farih Upama and the art director was Mahmud ul Wadud Raini.


Shahriar Shakil, Managing Director of Alpha-i Studios Ltd said: "Though Surongo was our first movie released in cinema halls, we started working on ‘Peyarar Subash’ first."


Redoan Rony, Chief Executive Officer of Chorki, said: “‘Peyarar Subash’ is a very special film for us. Ahmed Rubel bhai's departure is a big shock for us. But we believe that Rubel Bhai will remain among us forever with his work.”


It is to be noted that in 2023, Peyarar Subash received official selection in the main competition section of the prestigious 45th Moscow International Film Festival where the world premiere of the movie took place.

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