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Actors, colleagues pay final tribute to Ahmed Rubel in Dhaka

The body of noted Bangladeshi actor Ahmed Rubel, who breathed his last on Wednesday evening before joining the press premiere of his new and last film, "Peyarar Subash", was taken to Shilpakala Academy to pay respect.

Update : 08 Feb 2024, 09:52 PM

The body was taken to the National Theatre Plaza of Shilpakala Academy around 10:30am on Thursday.

Many artists and celebrities from the theatre and cinema arena of the country appeared in the morning to the tribute organized by the initiative of Dhaka Theatre. They paid tributes to the actor and also shared bits and pieces of memories.

Cultural personality Nasiruddin Yousuff said: "Rubel has gone too soon. He had much more to offer in the acting industry. Many of Dhaka theatre have passed away prematurely, including Humayun Faridi, and Selim Al Deen. We remember everyone. Rubel played the role of martyr Altaf Mahmud in my film ‘Guerrilla’. Those memories still remain. His exceptional acting brought Altaf Mahmud to life.”

Legendary actor and dramatist Mamunur Rashid recalled: "It was a profound shock. He was so much younger than us, healthy, and used to drive long distances. And then, what happened! He left us without giving us a chance to serve. I have collaborated with him extensively—acted together, and my writing was part of a long series. His acting career could have extended much longer, allowing him to participate in numerous more films. But how did this happen? All we have now is the memory of Rubel in exchange for his vibrant presence."

Producer Morshedul Islam said: "Memories have no language, really. He left us so suddenly! Rubel was our favourite actor. Just yesterday (Wednesday), I watched 'Peyarar Subash,' an excellent performance. What an age! 10 years younger than me. Yet, he left. I can't even comprehend it. Nevertheless, wherever Rubel is, may he rest in peace. May his soul find peace."

Member of Parliament of Dhaka-10 Constituency and actor Ferdous Ahmed also came to pay tribute.

He said: "There are no words for such a moment, no situation to discuss. A great actor, a good person. We all have to depart one day, but accepting an untimely departure is difficult. I had the privilege of working with him in Humayun Ahmed's 'Chandrakantha.' His simplicity and extraordinary acting skills left a lasting impression on me. My condolences to his family. I sincerely wish that no one, like Ahmed Rubel, should leave us prematurely."

Actor Faruque Ahamed's memoirs were like this: "I met Rubel in 1986, three years after I joined Dhaka Theatre. His height and voice impressed me from day one. I am truly sorry to hear about Rubel. Let me share a memory: I went to Sylhet for a shoot. I travelled by bus, and he drove his car. At the end of the shooting, Rubel said: ‘Faruque bhai, you will go with me.' I didn't want to go, but he insisted I sit in the car. He placed me on the back seat, gave me a pillow, and said: 'You sleep. I'll keep talking to the driver so that he doesn't get sleepy.' In the morning, I found myself in front of my house. After dropping me off, Rubel returned to his home."

Nirmata Amitabh Reza of “Aynabaji” fame, however, gave a slightly different message. Regarding the death of Ahmed Rubel, he urged everyone to quit smoking and drugs. He also mentioned about his lonely life.

Amitabh Reza said: “Rubel is an amazing actor, an amazing voice artist. However, Rubel was a lonely man. None of us contacted him even a week ago. I would request everyone, stay by the side of close people. And stop smoking, stay away from all kinds of drugs. It was the main cause of all those who died recently. Perhaps it should not be said here. But I don't want such sorrow to increase.”

Ahsan Habib Nasim, the president of the organization and actor, came to pay respects with the leaders and members of the actors' association.

He said: “It is true that we have lost an outstanding artist who was supposed to act in more extraordinary roles. He was always into acting. Such a man left everyone stunned. We pray for his soul to rest in peace.”

Actress Tanvin Sweety said: "Rubel was my co-artist, and I've worked with him extensively. He was not only a talented actor but also a good person. During shooting, he didn't engage in unnecessary conversation; he simply immersed himself in his character. I used to tell him, 'Take care of yourself,' and he would respond with a simple, 'It will happen.' Look at what happened! I hope everyone will pray for him. I also pray for his soul to rest in peace."

Shahriar Shakil, the producer of the movie "Peyarar Subash", said: "Whenever he met, he would ask, when is Peyarar Subash coming? However, tomorrow (Friday) the film is coming, but he is not here. Recently, he came to our office and urged everyone to watch the film in a press meet. Our industry has lost a great man with his passing.”

Redoan Rony, another producer of the film, said: "My personal connection with Rubel goes way back. I brought him onto the set early in his career as an assistant director, and later, he joined my serial 'FNF.' He was the kind of actor who could excel in diverse roles, despite his ordinary appearance and voice. Just yesterday (Wednesday), I was contemplating something, and two hours later, this tragedy occurred! People continue to enjoy his films, witnessing the enthusiasm of the audience. Our film is now dedicated to Rubel."

Ahmed Rubel, who breathed his last on Wednesday evening before joining the press premiere of his new and last film, "Peyarar Subash", will be buried at his ancestral home in Gazipur. He was 55.

He will be buried in Gazipur graveyard after the Asr prayers, said Actors Equity Bangladesh President Ahsan Habib Nasim.



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