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‘Wanderlust’ at Drik Gallery

Update : 18 Mar 2018, 10:52 PM
Entrepreneur and photographer Sabrina Islam’s first solo travel photography exhibition, themed “Wanderlust”, began March 16 at Drik Gallery in the capital’s Dhanmondi. The three-day exhibition ended on March 18. The exhibition showcased over 130 photographs taken by Sabrina Islam in different countries including the USA, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Iceland, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Myanmar. “Wanderlust” delves on the need to see, feel, and experience God’s earth and the beauty that surrounds daily life. A successful entrepreneur, Sabrina has been passionate about travelling and photography for many years. “I did my first solo travel to India in 1976 at the age of 20, and have been travelling ever since. As I travelled, I kept on taking photos, and I kept on feeling the places that I visited. So, I started to write down my emotions and experiences in a journal. I shared it on social media. I felt that I want to share my experience – what I’m seeing through my lens, and what I’m experiencing through my eyes,” says Sabrina Islam. She continues, “This exhibition is mainly to show that for women, there’s no bar except the ones they put on themselves. Even at my age, I went to see the Aurora Borialis. The temperature was minus 27 degrees at night, and I was there for five hours at a stretch, standing, taking photos. I went hiking in Wyoming, which is difficult, too. I want to tell people through my photos that, go out and live your dream. We have very little time on this Earth. Also, do things for the environment. Enjoy it, be aware of how we can help mother Earth, and also how you can help yourself achieve your dreams. There should be no bar to what you can do. This is my message to youngsters and my peers. You can do anything at any age, if you set your mind to it and if you have a dream. Wanderlust was my dream. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to share some of it.” A number of photos on the Aurora Borialis, or the northern lights, captured in Alaska are one of the special attractions of the exhibition. Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat, the US Ambassador to Bangladesh, inaugurated the exhibition. She expressed her fondness for Sabrina Islam’s work, praised the exhibition, and talked about how photographers can capture the beauty in things ordinary people often overlook despite passing by them many times. Eminent photographer Anwar Hossain was present during the inauguration as a special guest. Sabrina Islam began her career in the 1970’s at the Bangladesh Handicrafts Cooperative Federation (Karika), and is currently the managing director of a garment factory. She is also the founder of “Reflections”, an architectural and decorative stained glass company.
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