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Mehazabien to portray rape victim in TV drama

Update : 25 Nov 2017, 10:23 PM
Mehazabien Chowdhury is set to star in the titular role of Anamika, a rape victim, in a television drama. The drama titled “Anamikar Neel Upadhyay” revolves around and focuses on the life of a rape victim. A concept currently prevalent in our society, the TV drama shall attempt to portray the perspective of the victim. The plot revolves around Anamika, who could not get married despite all being set. This is because she was raped after she refused advances of a local eve-teaser. Her life turns upside-down as she was implicated in a disgraceful crime such as rape. Drowning in trauma and disappointment, Anamika even tries to take her own life. However, right when she goes to commit suicide an epiphany struck Anamika, convincing her to turn her life around with great confidence. Apart from Mehazabien cast in the titular character, actors Sajal, Sushma Sarkar, Shelly Ahsan, Khalequzzaman and Nikul Kumar will also share the screen with the lead. The drama is set to air soon on a private television. Written and directed by Dr Towfique Elahi, the drama is dedicated to all rape victims, as they are constantly stigmatised, shamed and are often faced with marginalisation. As a result, many commit suicide. He wanted to address the issues related to sexual violence and how we, as a conscious society, can work together to stop such atrocities and help rape survivors.
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