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Nicole Kidman not prepared for Emmys

Update : 17 Sep 2017, 10:11 PM
Nicole Kidman is the frontrunner at the Emmys in the best actress category for a limited series or movie, but the actress is not prepared for a speech in advance. On the day before the Emmys, Nicole Kidman said at a Neutrogena-sponsored event held in West Hollywood that, “That’s a hard thing. Because the idea of not preparing is hard because then you [run the risk of] not acknowledging people, but at the same time the idea of preparing and not giving your speech... It’s kind of a little of both. You go, I don’t want to be completely shocked but I also want to just feel it.” The actress arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday morning, instead of Friday night as one of her daughters got sick with a “high fever.” The actress also shared her plans before the ceremony, “Right now, I’m a little askew, [due to] just flying in this morning, and also I don’t live [in Los Angeles], so it’s a slightly different dynamic for me. I’ll just do everything the same in the morning. I’ll wake up. Get my kids breakfast. Have coffee. Read the paper. Go for a run or a spin class or something, and then get ready.”
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