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When I will be No More

When I will be No More

Update : 25 Nov 2023, 03:54 PM

The day I will be no more, no one will feel anything,

Things will go on as it were, no one will look for me.

The sunshine will be in full, there may be evening stars in the sky;

Those from whom I have borrowed money, they will move a little.

Those who have borrowed from me, they will simply hide it out,

I will be a piece of news at page 11, two and a half inches will be mine space.

In the caption under the half column picture three mistakes there are,

It will be written Anisur Hoque, some will write it Anichul.

Television will be on in my room, Hindi series won't be stopped,

The sparrows will keep chirping, they won't know anything.

I had been friend to someone, I don't think so,

No one will pay friendly homage, I will be left isolated.

I am thinking of resettling a tooth, folded with twenty -two carat gold,

After I breathe my last one will take it, who is a bird of passage.

If none comes to my grave, thieves will visit me in greed of gold,

My signs won't be there, his ones will be though.

Anisul Hoque is one of the leading contemporary writers in Bangladesh. He won Bangla Academy Award for literature in 2011. The poems are translated by Alamgir Mohammad. He teaches literature at Bangladesh Army International University, Comilla. 

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