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Smoked frames, a reflection of our inner self through poems

Review of S. Rupsha Mitra’s Smoked Frames

Update : 17 Feb 2024, 03:25 AM

Good poetry is not something you come across every day. Poems about revolution, love, death, or grief -- all the corny, ambitious tales conveyed through poetry are unfortunately, a dime a dozen. But occasionally all we need is something straightforward yet endearing to relate our hardships and losses to, and that's where Smoked Frames come in. S. Rupsha Mitra's Smoked Frames is a fantastic collection for those of us who enjoy short, really personal poetry. 

There are two sections to the book: The Journey to Self and The Passage to Bharat. The author's experiences and worldview are divided into these two sections, each of which is explained through real-world incidents or subtleties seen in everyday life. The book has thirty-one poems in total, each reflecting a unique experience. Consider this passage from Self-Portrait as Ocean Bed:

“transformation of self, mud-soaked, tainted,
stained with green beads, sea plants, fists of grassy shards
of time hollowed in the belly of an ocean.”

This book is not just a collection of poems; rather, it is a snapshot of life and the mind. I really enjoyed this particular poem, especially the lines that, at least for me, paint a vivid picture of helplessness and self-loathing in your mind. There are many other poems in the book as well, such as What I Desire this Summer Day which expresses a wide range of emotions through words and shows the passion that is evident in the lines. 

It's difficult to find this kind of poetry these days, to be honest. Poetry is about myths, love, life, and loss. Poetry can be used to heal oneself, make peace with inner demons, and practice self-love when done correctly. Smoking frames is a great book for everyone who enjoys poetry. Your thoughts will be haunted by the poignant, sentimental, and thought-provoking poems in this collection. Thus, on your way home from work, stop by a bookstore, pick up a copy of Smoked Frame, and get comfortable. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in; the ride will be rewarding.

Ata E Rabby Abdullah is a freelance contributor.

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