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How to survive 2023

A preparation guide for increased load-shedding and power outages in the coming year

Update : 08 Nov 2022, 11:02 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently showed her concern regarding the economy and hinted at possible food insecurity in the future, she encouraged everyone in the country to cultivate more and discouraged food wastage.

Needless to say, her concerns sound genuine, and the current situation hints that such worries may be grounded in reality. If this is a hint of our economy suffering a massive blow in the near future, we should take adequate preparation to survive that situation. Here, we discuss some possible actions and preparation that we as a nation can take to bypass the effects. 

The most pressing national issue right now is the energy crisis, specifically the periodic power outages. Currently, we are witnessing three to four hours, sometimes even more than that, of power outages in various parts of the country. The tone of government officials confirms that it won't improve anytime soon; in fact, chances are it will worsen in the future. 

The most important part of our daily life has become our phones, and it will be tough for us to survive without a phone that has no charge in it. I have already begun facing the issue of not being able to charge my phone during a power outage, and buying a power bank was not a necessity till now.

Needless to say, it is high time we all invested in a good power bank just to be able to carry out our day to day digital necessities.

Due to warm weather, we are heavily dependent on the refrigerator to keep our food from going bad fast. Given just how much of an issue food security itself is at the moment, the last thing any of us would want is for our food to go rotten. Normal refrigerators won't be able to support the preservation of food due to the load-sheddings and for this, a 40-liter small refrigerator with a deep cycle battery is the most appropriate choice to keep our food fresh.  

With this comes the discussion of solar panels equipped with a rechargeable battery. This is a renewable power source that is sure to find itself in every Bangladeshi home in the future, and the system works with solar panels directly hooked up to a deep cycle battery. This provides an efficient and renewable source of power, and if you have the capability of installing such a system in your residence or workplace, please consider doing so now.

There is a possibility that gas-based energy sources might go down in supply soon, which is why it is important that we switch to modes of cooking which use wood as fuel. Which is why, again if you have and can afford the space, planting some trees for firewood would not be a bad idea. 

The source of light is the most essential element in the darkness that swallows us during a power outage. Candles or other fire-based sources of light might be a good short-term solution, but they will be costly and provide an inherent risk. The answer, again, comes back to a deep-cycle battery, which can provide light through LED strips connected to them.  

On a somewhat lighter note, entertainment is always necessary as it plays an important part in keeping us sane and motivated to go on. The majority of our entertainment platforms are dependent on power and electricity. In times of an outage, we need to resort to some type of entertainment platform -- to that end, we can look at physical sports, board games, or maybe even reading books! 

We don't, under any circumstances, want things to worsen than they already are. But it won't hurt to prepare yourself. I hope for the same but this is the precaution that might help you to save yourself in case things go from bad to worse.

Md Saif Faysal is an Academic Advisor for BSB Global Network.

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