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Learning the code

Teaching children computer programming is a must for a developed Bangladesh

Update : 17 Aug 2022, 11:52 PM

Coding is the language of computers. A variety of software is produced using the language. Modern programming has some fundamental properties such as reliability, robustness, usability, portability, maintainability, and efficiency. Programming languages are used in mobile apps, video games, websites, and other software. A programming language gives commands to the machine in different ways.  Computer programming is important for our future as a global society. Automation processes, data visualization, artificial intelligence, data science, and other tasks are performed with programming languages.  

Thus, if you become proficient in a programming language, naturally you will be a good computer programmer.

One of the most important aspects of programming is Mathematics. Strong mathematical skills lead to faster success in programming. Since programming requires building logical numbers, mathematical skills are essential. Programming requires several mathematical terms such as linear algebra, boolean algebra, cryptography, mathematical induction, calculus, probability and statistics, graph theory, etc. 

Children should strongly focus on math skills. Participate in math contests online. Working on group study in solving math problems. Unfortunately, some students are not interested in math. After class, it would be good if they could arrange time to work in a one-on-one setting with their math teacher. 

There are many websites that support online math tutorials. Today, math dominates numerous fields, from medicine and pharmacology, technology, business, finance, sports, art, architecture, environmental science, and politics. Knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, and physics can also help a student programmer improve their performance. Students can practice problem solving through clubs and activities.

We can organize programming boot camps to motivate children through rewards. Programming should start from primary school. Solve various analytical problems through game animation. Children should start learning coding from as early as age five. There are popular tools and platforms like Scratch Junior, Codeable Crafts, Robot Turtles, Kids’ First Coding and Robotics Kit, Scratch, SpriteBox Coding, Hopscotch, Osmo Coding Jam, Minecraft, CodeCombat, Swift Playgrounds, and Turing Tumble which can help. 

Children's academic performance improves when they learn programming. Mathematical, English, and analytic solving skills are improved. Skills can be developed quickly through coding games in mobile apps. So many children can play a big role in the mobile app marketplace. MIT App Inventor, Appzio, PhoneGap, AppGeyser, Mobilesmith, and BuildFire are a few examples of relevant platforms for this.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has shown the dream of a developed country, a prosperous digital society, and a new knowledge-based economy. Appropriately experienced teachers should be appointed to make children proficient in programming in the right way, with the right tools and the right rules.

Md Mahmudul Haque Khan is Assistant IT Officer, Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management (BIGM). E-mail: [email protected].

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