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Art in the city

Sometimes the chaos of urban life is good for your creativity

Update : 14 Nov 2018, 07:00 PM

I’m a city girl. Though I love going to the countryside, enjoying nature’s wonders once in a while, and feel like going back to the city would be such a waste of my life, deep down, I know that the chaos, the lights, the glares and gazes, and the workload that my city offers to me, are the things that keep me alive. 

I’m not the ambitious type of city girl. Rather, I like to find beauty in the boring daily-life activists of my city life. It’s like being artistic with things that are not quite artistic in the traditional sense. 

People usually go to calm and serene places to search for their peace of mind, but for me, my messy bed, with my laptop, books, water bottle, and empty packets of snacks, all wonderfully spread out in the most incredible of messes, would do the same. 

At late nights, the sky, covered mostly with clouds, and stars that are barely seen due to the city’s pollution, brings a sweet smile to my face. Listening to my favourite song, while chatting with a guy I have fun talking to, I yawn, and think of calling it a day, while certain thoughts riddle my mind. 

I don’t think poetry is necessarily soothing -- mild poetry can be chaotic too. Art isn’t always in the exploration; it’s also in the frank acceptance of usual life activities.

An artist doesn’t need to be someone who dresses or acts differently than others, for it is not in the appearance of a person that makes him or her artistic. 

I appreciate people who have the natural urge in them to enjoy life, in distant villages, far away from their city lives. But there is no reason to hype up such a choice -- it is ordinary, as ordinary as me having a banana with biscuits as breakfast, because I’m too lazy to make proper breakfast. Neither of the lifestyles should be standardized, or made primarily required, to be artistic in any sense. 

Authenticity is beautiful in its own way. Let’s appreciate our lives, and stop being too pushy or too hard on ourselves. 

Sanjida Alam Ria is a freelance contributor.

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