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Dhaka Tribune

A calculated assault?

Update : 01 Nov 2016, 07:17 AM

We have been here before.

There are no ifs and buts here -- nothing justifies the destruction of 15 Hindu temples along with the assault on hundreds of Hindu households.

Anyone involved at any point in Sunday’s disgraceful and cowardly attacks must be brought to book, and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

An inflammatory Facebook post was apparently the catalyst of the mayhem, but it seems likely that the entire event was orchestrated in order to foment discord among Muslims, and manufacture an excuse for a riot.

This was, we believe, a calculated assault on the secularism of the country by hateful, extremist individuals attempting to sow discord between Hindus and Muslims.

The same pattern was seen four years ago, when an incendiary Facebook post appearing under a Buddhist name was used as justification for the destruction of some of the most ancient and sacred Buddhist temples.

It is a shameful failure on part of our law enforcement that this pattern was allowed to repeat. Why did the police fail to protect the Hindu community against attacks from a violent and unruly mob?

Why were the participants of the mob attacks not immediately arrested? Why did the police, as the reports suggest, stand by doing nothing as the mayhem went on unabated?

All this suggests a danger gathering in Bangladesh that threatens to destroy our religious harmony, which has long been a cornerstone of the nation’s ethos and essence.

What’s worse, many members our law enforcement seem complicit in this violence.

Every single person who participated in vandalism and assault against the Hindu community in Brahmanbaria must be punished swiftly and without mercy by the iron hand of the law.

There can be no excuse for this kind of attack, whatever the perceived provocation, manufactured or not.

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