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Stop fraudsters exploiting Rana Plaza victims

Update : 08 Feb 2014, 07:48 PM

It is shameful that survivors of the Rana Plaza tragedy are being targeted by unscrupulous individuals, under the guise of helping them to get compensation. 

Victims report being asked to give money along with their personal details and identity card numbers under various false pretences. These include instances where people purportedly representing labour organisations have demanded money from victims for putting their names onto lists for compensation and free medical treatment.

These cases are clearly forms of extortion and fraud as monies paid are reported going directly into individuals’ pockets and have not been required by the official compensation procedures.

In other instances, labour groups and individual organisers have been demanding one off membership fees from victims or have co-erced them into attending meetings and marches. While legitimate worker organisations are fully entitled to seek membership fees for their work, it is apparent from recent reports that desperate victims of the disaster have been fraudulently targeted for unnecessary payments.

Such unconscionable actions are unfortunately widespread and must be stopped.  Victims who have been cheated of money by fraudulent individuals should be helped by the police and law enforcers to recover their funds. 

The government and BGMEA should work with unions and stakeholders to ensure awareness of all the formal compensation procedures and programmes which are underway, so that there is less scope for victims to be exploited in this unforgiveable manner.

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