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We hit yet another record high when it comes to power generation
Update : 24 Apr 2024, 09:39 AM

Bangladesh recently hit an energy generation milestone with a record high production of 16,233MW of electricity as confirmed by an official statement by the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources. This comes at a time when Bangladeshis throughout the nation are suffering from an especially brutal heatwave which has already claimed lives due to its severity.

Energy generation has been something of an Achilles’ Heel for Bangladesh, despite hitting increasing amounts of energy generation rolling blackouts are still the reality for most of the country. One potential panacea for our power issues has been the steady adoption of renewable sources of energy to supplement our existing power generation techniques. While it is good to know that we hit yet another record high when it comes to power generation, it stands to reason that not much of that 16,233MW was from renewable or green sources.

The government has previously been on record stating its plans to ensure that at least 10% of our overall power generation is made using renewable sources by the year 2025 -- the administration has yet to follow up on any potential progress we have made to this end, instead the relevant authorities have seemingly doubled down on fossil fuels and side-stepping solutions such as hydrogen and carbon capture.

Given just how precarious a spot Bangladesh is in regarding its climate vulnerability, pivoting away from archaic modes of energy generation should be less of a consideration and more of an inevitability.

We hope the government understands that by going green, Bangladesh stands to gain everything while losing absolutely nothing while helping us keep the lights on in the process.

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