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Freelancing for the economy

Our freelance workforce has the potential to transform Bangladesh into a hub of digital entrepreneurship

Update : 14 Feb 2024, 09:17 AM

One of the major tasks for Bangladesh as it looks to climb the rungs of the economic ladder is for its workforce to keep pace with the changing world and not be left behind. Simultaneously, with our foreign reserves shaky over the past couple of years, and our overreliance on our RMG industry, it is imperative that we look towards ways to not only earn foreign currency, but diversify our means to do so.

To that end, the recently proposed project for freelancers, with a budget of Tk 300 crore and to be implemented by the Directorate of Youth Development, is the sort of timely and forward-thinking initiative that we expect from the new government to take Bangladesh to the next level.

There is untapped potential in Bangladesh as far as freelance work is concerned; while Bangladesh is already the second largest supplier of online labour in the world as per a 2017 study, there remains a shortage of skilled freelancers in the country at present, while the demand for skilled professionals online is higher than ever.

In a country where traditional employment opportunities may be limited, freelancing offers a pathway to economic empowerment, allowing individuals to work on their own terms and access global markets from the comfort of their own homes. The rise of online freelancing platforms has democratized access to opportunities, providing a level playing field for talented individuals regardless of their geographical location or background. 

Our freelance workforce has the potential to transform Bangladesh into a hub of digital entrepreneurship, driving innovation and economic growth in the process. By empowering individuals to leverage their skills and talents, we can drive sustainable economic growth, improve our forex reserves, and help position Bangladesh as a leader in the digital economy.

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