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Staying one step ahead of Covid

Seeing deaths once again from Covid should be the wake up call we need

Update : 24 Jan 2024, 02:25 PM

While the worst of the pandemic is thankfully a thing of the past now, it is a cause for concern that, with the beginning of 2024 and the long winter that has seen people struggle, Covid-19 cases and deaths have also been increasing in Bangladesh. To that end, it would be wise to pay heed to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) who are instructing people to quickly get vaccinated.

It was only on January 18 when the new variant of Covid-19 "JN.1" which has been spreading in numerous countries, was also detected in Bangladesh. The fact that we are seeing deaths once again from Covid should be the wake up call we need and treat it with the seriousness that it warrants.

We have seen in the past how novel variants of Covid-19 have not only caused death, but also quickly overwhelmed our medical facilities with the sheer volume of cases increasing exponentially. While there may not be such fears yet, it is always best to remain one step ahead, and ensure we can nip this issue in the bud.

As a result of which, it is imperative that people follow through with what DGHS are saying, and receive their vaccination. Similarly, it is also imperative for people to exercise caution, and revert to the healthy habits that were practiced during the pandemic years such as wearing masks and carefully washing your hands -- which are always good to follow regardless of a raging pandemic or not.

With dengue and the cold season already wreaking havoc on our healthcare, let’s not let yet another coronavirus variant do the same as well.

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