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Prioritizing foreign direct investment

This starts with transparent and investor-friendly policies

Update : 23 Jan 2024, 12:39 PM

It is a matter of concern that the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) to Bangladesh experienced a whopping 36% year-on-year reduction in the third quarter of 2023; as per data from Bangladesh Bank, the country received $913 million in gross FDI between the months of July and September of 2023, while in 2022 during the same months, it was $1.43bn. In total, from January and September of 2023, FDI flow saw a 24% year-on-year reduction.

To say that Bangladesh must prioritize and actively seek increased FDI would be an understatement. Yet, while strides have been made, it is clear to see that we are falling short of our intended targets, and that there are persistent challenges that hinder the optimal inflow of foreign investments that are crucial for achieving our ambitious development goals.

With the elections now behind us and with hopefully more stability in the nation, now is the time for all relevant authorities and stakeholders to once again put all of their efforts into turning this negative trend around, and bring up our FDI numbers.

This starts with transparent and investor-friendly policies, coupled with a commitment to minimizing red tape. So too is the need for robust transport networks, modernized ports, and efficient energy supply systems that directly impact investor confidence. Building a positive narrative around Bangladesh's economic prowess and growth potential is also essential for attracting foreign investors looking for stable and high-yielding markets.

Bangladesh is at a pivotal point in its history, and can unlock a new era of prosperity and progress through enhanced foreign direct investment. It is now or never for us to position ourselves as an investor-friendly nation, fostering a sustainable path towards comprehensive development.

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