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Bangladesh will need to start playing a pro-active role in widening the reach of regional cooperation

Update : 13 Nov 2023, 09:44 AM

One of our nation’s biggest advantage is most definitely our overall outlook on foreign policy, brilliantly codified by the dictum “friendship towards all, malice towards none.” Indeed, when we realize that when we cooperate as a region, equitable growth is more than achievable.

With Bangladesh and other regional powers such as Bhutan and Nepal finally on the precipice of shedding the least developing country tag, now is the time for the South Asia to go full force on regional cooperation, in terms of trade or otherwise.

To that end, we agree with some of the conclusions reached during the South Asia Economic Summit, held last week. According to experts at the summit, while the necessary infrastructure and physical connectivity are now a reality along the Bangladesh-India border, neither country has been able to make full use of them due to various bottlenecks which exist in terms of port handling and customs.

For bureaucratic inefficiencies to get in the way of regional prosperity would indeed be a thing of tragedy. 

Bangladesh will need to start playing a far more pro-active role in not only maintaining but widening the reach of regional cooperation by bringing in more partners, which is why a common political consensus being reached should be of the highest order.

As Bangladesh moves towards greater volumes of trade and a larger economic presence overall, increased connectivity will remain key in the coming years. 

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