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Towards a secure future for all Bangladeshis

The successful implementation of such a program requires careful planning and prudent management of resources

Update : 19 Sep 2023, 09:12 AM

With Bangladesh on the cusp of graduating from a least developed country while simultaneously facing unprecedented challenges in the current volatile global climate, much has been made of our need to have safety nets for our population in the future. To that end, the recently initiated universal pension scheme by the government was rightfully highlighted as a positive step.


And it is now encouraging to see the scheme pick up momentum; one month after its launch, the universal pension scheme has garnered the enrollment of nearly 13,000 people depositing nearly Tk8 crore. 


The National Pension Authority (NPA) has stressed the need to enhance public awareness in both rural and urban areas - and this must not be taken lightly. More Bangladeshis have to be made aware of the various benefits such a scheme offers them.


First and foremost, the universal pension plan will provide a safety net for our aging population. In a society where the concept of retirement often means dependence on family or limited social support, this pension plan offers a dignified way for the elderly to enjoy their golden years with financial security.


This initiative will also encourage a culture of saving and financial planning, which is crucial for economic development. By knowing that they have a secure pension waiting for them in their retirement years, individuals are more likely to invest in their future, both financially and in terms of healthcare and well-being.


It's important to note that the successful implementation of such a program requires careful planning and prudent management of resources. Ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficient distribution of funds is the very minimum required for the plan's success. 


With responsible implementation and continuous evaluation, not to mention public awareness, this initiative has the potential to transform our nation for the better, bringing us one step closer to a brighter and more secure future.

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